HealthSeeker: (almost) 3 Weeks Later

It’s been almost 3 weeks since we launched HealthSeeker, our new Facebook game focused on healthy eating and healthy habits. To this day, close to 4,000 people on Facebook have started playing HealthSeeker and well over 400 have become fans of the game page.

We have gotten lots of great feedback:

  • Comments on TuDiabetes have also been very enlightening. Every bit of feedback (positive or critical) we're taking and working with, to improve the game and make it as good as it can be. We don't kid ourselves: we know the game is not be for everyone, but we hope to be able to address the comments we've received so far, and look forward to improve existing features and add new ones.
  • Comments about the game on Twitter have also been abundant. I handpicked a few of our favorite tweets to give you a feel for what people are saying about HealthSeeker on Twitter:

If you haven't yet started playing HealthSeeker, check it out at The game is all about healthy habits you can learn about or rediscover, going offline to work on bringing them into your life to put them into action and coming back to the game within the next seven days (each mission you can take on gives you a week to complete it) to share your experience.

If you are already playing the game, make sure to tell your friends about it. I tell you from my own experience it's really a lot more fun (and will get even more useful) if you have more friends playing along. Also, we'd also love to have you review the game, by visiting the game page > Reviews.