HeiaHeia.com, anyone?

Anyone familiar with HeiaHeia.com? I think it looks like fun! Here's what it has to say about itself:

The purpose of Heiaheia is to provide you with positive motivation for keeping fit. The service combines the benefits of training diaries and social networking in an easy to use, entertaining, game-like package. Our philosophy for keeping fit is “everything counts” – that’s why we don’t focus on any particular sport, technology, or gear. Rather than that, we support almost 300 different sports already, and new ones are added continuously according to user requests. We want to enable social interaction among all your sporty friends, not only the runners, the techies, the devotees of a particular brand, etc.

Heiaheia is an evolving service: we’re introducing new functionalities and refining existing ones all the time based on user behaviour and wishes.

It might be cool to create a TuDiabetes HeiaHeia "club". Anyone interested?