Hello all

I am new here I was DX with diabetes on June 8, 2012 MY PCP whom DX me said I was type2 (I am 30 5"1 weight 115) she did a C-pet. test and an A1C test C-pet. was 2.71 with normal range 3.10- .80 my A1C was 10.1 she said your are type 2 things did not seem right with her she sent me to and endo in Oct. they did another c-pet and a GAD65 this time the C-pet was 1.12 and the GAD 65 was 30 ( I also had other antibody) She said I was not type 2 but type 1 and that I was in the honeymoon phase in December I was put on insulin after my BS number were going into the 300 400 range they have been pretty good since then I am going to my PCP on monday to get the latest A1C ( my PCP still think i am type 2 even thought the Endo and my CDE says there is not way)

Your PCP is not the authority on Diabetes, your endo is and if you are antibody positive, you are in fact Type 1. (Most likely LADA which is a slower onset form of Type 1 that happens in adults. I would deal with your endo for your Diabetes, not your PCP who should not be countering the diagnosis of your endo.

hi gap, welcome to the community, btw. we have many members here quite familiar with LADA, as a matter of fact, our founder Manny Hernandez was also misdiagnosed as a type 2 himself. here's a good blog with tips from Melitta for the newly diagnosed

let us know what happens, we're here to help.

my endo thought it was LADA at first but now just thinks I am type1 either case I will need insulin yes I am letting my endo deal with the D and not my PCP

LADA is Type 1, the only difference is the rate of onset.

So glad you have an Endo and CDE. Specialists are GOOD! And you'll be a specialist as you work with it to figure out what's going on!

Your PCP may have been wrong with her diagnosis but she had the good sense to send you to an endo. That probably makes her above average and a keeper unless she refuses to believe the antibody results.

Just went to my PCP today and she final has me as type 1 along with my END and CDE so at lest every one is on the same page.

Hi Gap2368: Good for you for persisting and getting good care for yourself. Yes, you are autoantibody positive, which means you have Type 1 autoimmune diabetes. Learn everything you can about Type 1 diabetes, insulin management, carb counting....As I mention in my blog that Marie B so kindly provided a link to, good books are "Think Like a Pancreas" and "Using Insulin" or "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh. Best of luck, and keep us posted on your progress.