Help! Not working so well anymore

I was on minimed for 5 years and then switched to Omnipod in the past few months. On minimed, I was struggling with lots of "no Delivery" errors almost every time or every other time I changed my site.

I switched to Omnipod and have been using it on my triceps area for the past 5 months or so. Recently, I've noticed that sometimes my BG is going high at night - I give corrections (2-3 units) through the pump and it doesn't seem to work. When I gave a correction using a needle (finally) it did start to come down.

Could it be that my site only lasts 2 days now instead of 3?
Or that I can't use my triceps anymore? Could scar tissue build up in such a short time?

Any advice or help appreciated. Everything was going ok and now I'm not sure what's going on.

Please do not ask these questions here. This is something you have to discus with you doctor.

Hi Yu Shing! I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your night time glucose levels. I would try some other sites to see if it helps. Best of luck to you!

While the reply about discussing this with your doctor is good advice, I think it is good to discuss this problem on the board. One of the downsides of the Omni pod is that when BG numbers begin to rise, we have to spend hours evaluating the situation: Recount carbs? Give a correction and wait to see if it works? How long to wait before giving an injection? Is it caused by scar tissue? This problem is something many of us share, and it has caused some folks to go back to the pen system (with Dexcom). If the pod stops working we also lose insulin ($$$). Sharing how pod users deal with this issue can be helpful. Of course we will call Omni pod AND our doctors as well. My calls to Omni pod did help me know how long to wait on corrections before using a shot and changing the pod. (Usually 2-3 hours).

Some of us - including me - do have a script to change a pod every 2 days instead of 3 days. I don't always change after 2. I give myself a couple of boluses and if my BG doesn't come down - first I look at the site. Does it look bloody? Did it move? What did I eat or do? If I can't get it down - and I can't find another reason - and it is the 2nd day - I change the pod. Who knows? Maybe it is cooked insulin - my body fighting it off after 2 days - but whatever the reason - I change the pod. If I get too high though - and I don't know if the next site/pod will take right away - I will also inject to give it some time.
Some sites definitely work better than others. I would try a few different places. Right now my pod is on my thigh - my left arm works the best with the pod upside down - but I am giving it a break. We all have our favorite spots and there are many posts with this information.

Hi Yu! I'm glad you posted this. I had the same issues with Minimed. Sites occluded almost immediately, on every infusion set they made. With Omnipod I find that the basal function works but the bolus doesn't for me. It makes no logical sense, but my blood sugars remain steady until I try to blogs with the pump. The bolus rarely absorbs at all. My doctor is aware and luckily has another patient who has the same issue so he has experience. Anyway, I bolus via syringe and yes, I find that certain areas get "worn out" quicker than I would expect them too. Have you tried your lower back or "muffin top"?

Definitely ask your Doc.

Though many here see similar things so a candid banter about what's found is good.

I find that sometimes when I accidentally sleep on top of the pod, I get worse results for BG levels. Especially after the first day for some reason. Last night even, my pod had an error and quit forcing a replacement, though it was only a couple hours from running out anyway so I didn't care. It was under me (I'm a side sleeper) on my arm.

There are so many factors, that it may not even be pump related at all. Rather just lucky that it occurs in similar timing to other factors. So many things affect diabetes, like what you eat and when, your sleep cycles and your stress level etc etc. Keep super close track of every aspect of you life to get better answers.

Hi Yu -
I also believe this is a good place to talk things out.

When I first started on the Omnipod I tried areas on my arms and thighs and had issues with boluses/corrections not working for no reason; there were no logical explanations. I stopped using those spots. Switched to my mid section which I would have thought had too much scar tissue (from years of injections). I've not had any issues since. I'd rather use my thighs but I hate to try them again because of the inconsistencies.

I agree, you really should be roating area's for the pod, see if you get the same results with a differnt area, if so speak to your doctor, could be that you need to tweak the correction factor or like you said that the pod is only good for 2 days for you.

Yu check to make sure the pod isn't delivering bubbles. I have not a lot but some problems with air in the pod even though I try like the dickens to make sure it is just insulin going in. Something about those champaign bubbles getting together. After I pulled a nonresponsive pod off and gave it a bolus and all it did was blow bubbles I know it can happen. Just a thought. FYI I have been using nothing but arms for the last 4 years with out any issues. Good luck.

Thank you everyone for all the advice and suggestions. I don't know why it was such a weird or frustrating time. It's gone back to "normal" usage though I am more aware of which spots I'm using and trying to use a mirror and more carefully pick positions that are more far away from other spots I've used recently. I also make sure to rotate on 4 places (triceps, love handles) vs. just going from one side to the other.

While is absolutely correct that you should consult your doctor on this, please DO feel free to ask questions like this here, and seek the advice and experience of fellow diabetics.

Circumstances like yours, and getting some help and understanding from the community here is what TuD is all about.

The insulin can be transferred from the failed pod to a new one.