Help on the pump

I need to ask for some advice. My daughter (7 years old) recently went on the pump and I am getting less sleep then ever. I am really worried that she will go low in the night and on top of that, there are times when I check her at 2 am and she is 200 so I increase her basal to try and keep her down. How do other parents do it?
The other think I notice is on the 3rd night after a site change she tends to run higher. Do others find the same? There is just no consistency!

I can’t speak to the how other parents cope part. Have you checked into the parents group? But what I suggest is to accumulate some data. One 2AM at 200 or one 2AM at 60 doesn’t tell you enough to act on, but it’s easy (especially with children I’m sure) to get nervous and make changes based on occasional occurances and then you get yourself into an up and down with doses thing. Check those numbers at different times for a week or two and then look for patterns in the numbers. If you see consistent highs or consistent lows at a particular time, then change it by the smallest increment possible with your pump as small changes in basal really show a difference. Also, you might find with time that you want to divide your doses into more “time zones” to match her needs at different times of the day or night. (I estimate about two hours gap - like noon to 2PM will influence the time zone from 2PM to 4PM. Also, you don’t mention her actually having lows, so, though it’s good to be cautious, if you accumulate enough data you will see if there are in fact lows and be reassured if there are not.

As for the highs on the 3rd night, that’s an easier one to answer! I’d say most people experience highs by the 3rd day and that is when they change it. So you get used to the amount to fill your cartridge to last for no more than that. I can get into the 4th day but I think that’s less common.

I find the same thing about the later days of sites. I usually use mine for 4 days and I’m pretty sure that a lot of the fourth days probably have an adverse impact on my batting average. I am too lazy to bother with figuring out to adjust my basal on the 3rd or 4th day of each resevoir I usually just take a correction bolus if it bleeps at me in the middle of the night.

I also had a day a week or two ago where I thnk that I may have “cooked” my juice by running outside in 97 degree heat several times. That fourth day was a bit of a mess until I yanked the tank.

I need to change my cannula every other day. That may help your daughter’s BGs even out.

I did the basal testing with my 5 yr old and she is pretty set through the night (right now…). We just got home from a very long vacation and I checked every night at 2am because it’s hard to tell what is going on when you have crazy meals, up late, up early, sleeping in, excitement, etc… Last night she was 110 at bed, 100 at 2am, and 106 this morning so maybe I’ll sleep tonight :slight_smile: Sometimes she runs a little higher on the 3rd day and sometimes she doesn’t. You’re right about the consistency because there are so many variables! We are thinking about getting a cgm for her at the next endo visit which I am hoping will make for less sleepless nights…

My husband and I get up every night at around 3 AM to check our son. I don’t know that I would be able to sleep if we didn’t check him.