Herschel Walker and insulin

Politics today…

When criminals harm children and abuse women, I embrace the idea of them being punished to the highest level of our law.

2 hours later…

OMG, did you hear what Congressman X said?!? He said he embraces it when people harm children and abuse women!

I swear he said that. Here is a video clip of his press conference! It’s on youtube. It’s proof that he said it!

When criminals harm children and abuse women, I embrace the idea…


It’s called a fallacy of quoting out of context.

Except its application is debatable here. Anyone saying that Herschel Walker wants to deprive people of insulin is obviously following this fallacy.

However, I think it’s fair for someone to say that he demonstrated insulin affordability is not a high priority and that he did minimize the fact that many people need insulin regardless of their food situation. A debate is a forum for someone to show what they have to offer constituents and how they will choose to vote. He says that he believes insulin affordability needs to be addressed, but republicans believe that deregulating healthcare will somehow result in affordability. I’ve yet to see a plan republicans support that would directly address insulin prices. Maybe it’s out there… but I haven’t see it. Mostly I have seen complaints about the ACA which seem mostly based on how it created regulations and these complaints have decreased a bit over time as more people understand the impacts of the bill on their daily life.

So when someone hears this debate, it’s a pretty logical conclusion that he would not have voted for the new copay cap in the inflation reduction act. He had an opportunity to explain how he would have addressed insulin prices. He didn’t. I also don’t see his plan anywhere online.

So sure, he’s not a boogeyman. He’s a politician that appears to be in line with his party’s views on addressing insulin affordability.


Don’t get me wrong. His answer was idiotic because he did not address the issue. He changed the subject to inflation and high costs, and blah, blah, blah.

So I think what he said was stupid.

But I also think headlines like this are equally stupid.


@katers87 It was a question throwing in the cost of insulin being reduced in a bill that wasn’t an inflation bill that Warnock stated that Walker would not have voted for. He then replied with Insulin should be cheaper but you have to eat right and you have to get food and gas prices down. Inflation is the number one concern with Americans.

And inferring from that he doesn’t care about insulin being cheaper, that you don’t need insulin, that he wants to limit it or doesn’t care about people that need it or use it, how can anyone infer that from a comment he said that agreed it should be cheaper? But the way he stated it was not the best.

The Inflation Bill is loaded with all sorts of various things, they have limited time in debates. Personally he went from insulin should be cheaper to what is the top priority to Americans … inflation and the costs of food and gas. Too many people are having issues meeting those basic needs, inflation is hurting a lot of Americans and making some kind of impact on almost all of us.

And fact checking my sources? What is actually wrong with what I said? I did not say anything wrong that needs “fact checked”. Trump did sign an order and a bill is sitting in the senate. Other things were trying to be done about insulin prices. If Trumps bill wasn’t working and Biden stopped it, then Biden could have done something else or changed something about it. The senate could have passed something with their 51% majority. Instead a bill is sitting there and insulin costs have been thrown in with all sorts of stuff into an Inflation Bill that wasn’t an inflation bill. And that could cause a whole other argument about all the mix of things that get thrown into bills.


Thanks. Sounds like, no matter what insulin is prescribed, the patient’s out of pocket would have been $25 a month. No ifs, ands, or buts.

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Obviously the point in posting this is to minimize the need for a bill to address insulin prices - all these other solutions are already present, right??? Given the reason you posted on this thread, I am amazed that you don’t think the above statements are misleading. Neither the executive order or the bill passed by the house could possibly address insulin prices.

I mean, honestly, the mental gymnastics needed to get to that place is astounding. To such a degree that I think you might be completely aware of how misleading you were and not care at all - which is so much worse. This is what spreading misinformation is…

Inflation is happening all over the world and yet certain Americans think we’re the only ones impacted and it is all our president’s fault. It’s mind-boggling. I’m not going to bother explaining all of it because the explanation seems unlikely to matter.


They did do something. They addressed insulin affordability in the only way they could get it passed - through the reconciliation process.

The reconciliation process has all sorts of rules and limitations, but it only requires the 50 votes plus the vp. Since republicans would not support the other bill to address insulin affordability, the only way to get the bill passed was through the reconciliation process. The reconciliation rules prevented the bill from including a $35 insulin copay cap for those with private insurance, only a Medicare cap could be included.


Many of us would appreciate it if everybody will please refrain from criticizing other’s motives, honesty, morality or whatever you are getting at here. Political fandom for one group of greedy authoritarians over the other is no excuse for nastiness.


I called someone out on providing inaccurate information to support their position. They refused to acknowledge it was misleading.

I stand by my statement. Criticize me if you feel the need.


Being a Type2 dependant diabetic…who cares what Herschel Walker says? I am more concerned about Doctors, Chef, You tubers, social media experts, Physical Trainers etc telling people they can reverse their diabetes by just eating veggies, drinking special juices or just dancing and mysteriously diabetes will go away. They never say anything about how your pancreas (Type 2 only) is only 50% functioning at the time of diagnosis. Yet, all these organizations including the ADA will not go after these people or put out public service announcements to the contrary. We should be holding all these organizations that are suppose to help ALL diabetics accountable for not out misinformation.


Right here is why we don’t allow politics in this forum. It never goes well and frankly, I like having a safe place free from the stupidity of politics


I guess that there’s little to be gained by pointing this out, but

  1. A significant percentage of insulin users are T2s, and

  2. It is unclear to me why people here dedicate so much energy to the Holy War between T1s and T2s.

As usual.

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@Christalyn ,

At least the head of an internal medicine department agreed with me when I explained to his team of budding doctors that the most important thing a person can do to prevent T2 is to choose his parents carefully .

But I guess that he agreed with me because he wasn’t a T1, and wasn’t associated with any group of diabetes advocates.


Not sure how to respond to your comments. I didn’t come to argue with T1’s. However I will be happy to correct a T1 or otherwise if it is misinformation.

I just want all these new groups and organizations that are using Diabetes as a cash cow to actually do some service like stop the misinformation. I would have loved for this his organization or the ADA to challenge Herschel walker on his words.

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This is sort of off topic, but I think relevant. I did some scribbling literally on the back of an envelope.

These numbers are from 2019.
The USA population is 328.3 million.
11.4% of 37.3 million people with any type of diabetes mellitus.
0.6% or 1.9 million with type 1 DM.
8.2% or 26.9 million with type 2 DM.
2.6% or 8.5 million are undiagnosed. The majority of these are probably type 2, with a likely small minority that is LADA type 1.
29% or 96 million diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Most are very early stage T2DM, but it is likely some are early stage LADA T1DM.

Most people think type 2 DM when they hear the word diabetes, because they are more likely to know people who are T2DM. I personally have know only 5 T1DMs in my long life. I know a lot more who are T2DM. 2 of the T1DMs were misdiagnosed as T2DM, and eventually diagnosed with LADA T1DM.

Then there are the rare subtypes such as MODY and pancreatogenic type 3c DM.

Back on target, if primary care physicians and endos can misdiagnose which type diabetes one has, can a clueless individual like Walker understand the complexities of diabetes.

I’m not giving him a pass. When you are ignorant of a subject, don’t Bull Sh*t.


Unfortunately, a politician needs to have an opinion to espouse on pretty much everything in order to get elected, so a politician repeats what was read or heard, and they believe, in their safe space. To them, they get a cursory overview on a range of topics and regurgitate what they believe, right or wrong, are true facts and will help them get elected, not Bull Sh*t.

A truly sad state of affairs for both parties.


I agree with @Timothy here. I think its best that this topic be closed.