Hey Everyone, it's been a while

I’m up to stupid questions about what is currently happening to me. I’m stressed about this.
I get up and my bloodsugar number is 158 right hand (which is low for me.)so I test my left hand and it is 264! Double look and test left hand again different finger 223. Of course, I have my cheapy monitor “Easy Check” cuz the test strips are only $13.79 USA for 50. But it says Ketones( still not spelling it right)
Anyway, my questions is "Which finger do I believe?"Which amount of insulin should I take?
I’m so lost. Don’t tell me to go see a dr. I don’t have insurance. I’m just squeaking by the knowledge I gain here.

When I get different numbers like that, I always immediately go wash my hands and test again. I’ve never found the numbers to alter when your hands are freshly-washed. Check this study out here at diabeteshealth.com. I found it fascinating, even after almost 20 years of testing my blood sugars and thinking I knew everything.

In the end, go with the number that feels most accurate and take the right dose for that. That’s the best any of us can hope to do. I know it’s not worth it to you to waste ten more test strips trying to figure it out.

I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, but keep working to make 158 high for you rather than low. 158 is still over the 140 mg/dL threshold where your nerves and organs suffer significant stress. I go over 140, sure, but I expend a lot of effort to not stay there. Maybe a couple hours after a poorly managed meal (which happen more often than I’d like to admit). But it worries me for you that the 150s are lower than average for you. My college years were like that and I’m really glad I’ve found normalcy now. I wish the same for you.

We’re here for you, ML. Visit as often as you need to, vent when needed.

Hi Meadowlark,
It is so good to see you on here. I have missed you a very great deal and i am sure everyone else has too. I know you are going through so much, but if the amount you are loved here could just wipe away all the problems, you would be in heaven right now. We ALL love you so much.
Melissa gave you excellent advice.
I wish you roses, I wish you lilies and daisies and flowers of every hue. I wish you sunshine and blue skies (and if you love winter, like me I wish you snow) I wish you peace and joy. You have a family here that loves you to pieces. I wish you well.

Million times Thankyou:)
I just answered the “wrong phone call” sigh… it was a Dept of SS worker for our court date with my oldest son … right in the middle of a melt down with my 15yr old. ugh. I was yelling down the hall trying to get him to go to his room and answer…Boy did I mess up.
Thankyou Melissa… I just need some sense poked back into this tiny brain of mine:)
Saundra:) I wuv you! You make me cry:)
MeadowLark… now sitting hopefully at 156 and eating a sandwich…I"m hungry:)

I totally agree with the washing the hands bit from melissa. Lotion, touching food, etc will all mess up readings. When in doubt, wash the hands and try again. I’ve had mine be almost 100 points higher when I apparently had some sort of sugar on me.

However, the ketones bit is scary. I don’t want you to see that again, because I am sure you don’t need an ER visit to deal with or pay for but that is the one thing we need to ALL be afraid about. They are expensive, but get yourself some urine test strips for ketones. Thankfully, you don’ t need to use them very often, only when your meter tells you you have ketones. Then measure on the urine strip. If it is a low amount, then just drink water and monitor. Moderate, drink lots of water monitor and consider going to teh ER. High = go to the ER right away. DKA is serious and I really really don’ t want you to have that!

Personal note- I always looked forward to hearing about you on here. I’m glad to see you back.

Good luck.

Think of us as all hugging you.
We’re all joining you in loving you.
Tell us how many carbohydrates you’re eating each meal. Are you counting carbohydrate grams?

I’m trying to stay under 20 per meal. It would be better if I just had the will power to eat fresh veggies and fruit only. sigh…
Please pray… My son beat my husband up last night. We’re trying to commit him to a state facility or to send to my ex. cant type mor right now…

Hi Meadowlark:

Boy, you sure are in a fix, aren’t you? I would be confused too. Well, the only thing I can think of is that there is some residual of something on your fingers before you test. Do you wash your hands carefully? Oh by the way, new standards say not to use alcohol because it will affect your reading.

You are spelling Ketones correctly.

As to your meter, I have no personal knowledge. Sorry.

Considering you are still lingering in the high zone, I would recommend that you go to my site and read my profile. It is an eye-opener for many. I only say this so that you can see how important it is to follow up with lowering your numbers. You don’t want to turn out like me.

Yes, we will pray for you. You don’t need the additional stress in your life of having your son beating up family members. Best thing you could do for him.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI