Hey Guys... Share Your Basal Rate?

Still new to the Pod and starting to tweak the system a little. Was wondering what your Basal rate is (looking for males around 190lbs)??

I'd be really careful here. I recall the calculation my Doctor made for my basal had a lot of variables to it. Everyone is quite different. Guessing wrong could really impact your control in many negative ways.

So, Basal rates are very individual, not entirely based on body type. I'm about your weight but female. My profile (currently under reconstruction) is as follows:

12-2am .6units
2-7:30am .8units
7:30-2pm 1.25units
2-6:30pm 1.15units
6:30 - 9pm 1.35units
9-11pm .75 units
11 - 12 .45units

Some anomalies here: I've recently reduced all overnight basals by nearly 50% to combat some horrid lows I was getting. They're not perfect yet, I'm waking up around 150 now with a sharp rise from 4-6am before leveling off so I adjusted again this morning in hopes of fixing that. Also, my insulin need is high during the day, drops late afternoon and then goes back up for dinner... something doesn't seem right here buy my Dr. and I haven't found anything that works better.

Good luck finding your own magic numbers to make your body work best!

As the first post said, be careful, but I’m assuming you just want to compare yourself to others right? I wanted to do the same thing. I am 6’2 190. My basal rates fall in between 0.5 and 0.7. Based on a few books I read this is close to “normal”, so I’m assuming I’m no longer honeymooning (I was diagnosed type 1 in 2012).

Seems like no matter what I do, I wake up in the morning high (almost always in the 200s).

There are two possible causes for this. 1) You need more basal insulin at night. OR 2) You're going low overnight and your body is overcompensating by morning. Only way to test this is either to get a CGM or find a night or two where you don't need much sleep and wake up a couple times to test your sugars. There's also a "Dawn Phenomenon" Effect (I think the official name is something like Smorgi(?)) where many of us release glucose around the time of Dawn for our bodies to prepare to wake up. Many people need extra insulin at that time (or breakfast time) to help compensate for this.

I was having this issue, the weird thing was I increased my ratio for dinner and bedtime snack. Seems most mornings are good now. It is mid morning lol always something.

The Dawn Phenomenon and the Somogyi effect are two different things.

The dawn phenomenon is an "automatic" pattern that involves a release of glucose, typically (but not exclusively) in the predawn hours -- hence the name.

The Somogyi effect (named after the doctor who first described it) is the body's release of blood sugar in order to counteract a low. It's also called the "rebound effect".

Here are some articles describing the difference in greater detail:


Thanks for the update David! I knew I'd heard the term before and thought they were related. While they may both be applicable here it's good to know they're different things. Thank you!

I was just thinking increasing from .95hr to 1.0hr
Very little change, but see if it does anything... good or bad.

David... good info there. Was defintiely worth the read. :)

Well, I'm a male, around 190lbs. But as has been said - rates are very individual. Mine changes numerous times during the day, and fluctuate between 1.15 and 1.5.

What you really want to do is test your basal rates, to make sure they're set correctly for you. You probably know this - but it's basically done by starting out in a morning w/ a stable # (i.e. low 100s) and not eating breakfast, and test about every hour for several hours. If your sugar levels remain stable you know your basal rate is correct. You do that for other parts of the day, as you can. Once all your basal rates are set correctly - you can monitor your bolus rates. (Mine also adjust differently for different parts of the day.)

Of course, all this is with a grain of salt, as there are too many factors at play, and not every day is the same.