Hey, what BG meter did Dr B suggest recently?

My understanding is that he was going to suggest a new one on his monthly webcase.

I've had this meter for several years.I like it's neat size and the fact that it needs a blood drop the size of a pinpoint[point not head] It's fast too and the accuracy stats are good. Here in England, the NHS won't supply me with a meter as a "Stable" T2, so I pay for my own strips. Since the strips changed to the "butterfly" style, Ihaven't wasted a single one and Abbott Diabetes Care, who supply the meter and strips give an exemplary service and very fair prices.
No it doesn't have a LOT of buttons, just 3 including the light. And I could connect it to my computer, but I don't see the need. I use it as a basic monitoring tool. I don't need it to be a smartphone.

I would love to use my FreeStyle but insurance won’t pay for strips. I have a Medicare Advantage plan. They dictate my meter and by using it I get my test strips free.

Based on Dr. B's recommendation, I recently switched from the Accu Check Aviva (his previous recommendation) to the Freedom Freestyle Lite (his present one).

I can echo the comments made here about convenience and accuracy.

There is one ergonomic disadvantage compared to the Accu Check: the Accu Check is just a tiny bit larger and has a rubberized exterior that makes it easier to pick up without dropping. I've dropped the Freestyle a number of times. Aside from that one (very minor) quibble, it's great.

Thanks. I've been using so many test strips that my primary is actually a generic one (Advocate Redicode) I found online. It's actually very precise (and appears accurate), but I like to have another meter to compare it with periodically.

I guess the next question is...does the Omnipod use the same strips and is the expected reliability the same?

When did Dr. B recomend something other than the Aviva? I have been using the Aviva for years based on Dr. B's previous recomendation.

Freestyle Freedom Lite. He said the Aviva strips are manufactured differently than they used to be and tend to read low.

Thanks. It looks like I will be switching when my current supply runs out.