Heyy kinda my life story since diagnosis

Hello everyone! My name is Hunter. Im 16 and a junior in high school. July 2, 2005, is a day i will never forget i woke up in pediatric ICU. I was only 12. I was told that i was a type 1 diabetic. My BG had been 918 at its highest. i had went through diabetic ketoacidosis…yeah long word at the time…all i knew was that my life had changed forever…after i learned that i would be giving myself shots for the rest of my life…i was terrified…before this came up i had been a total needlephobe…it had been an act of congress to get the flu shot every year now this?..well this is all i can think about now so…ttyl

Hunter,Thank you for sharing your life story…I was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age 19

Hey Hunter,

I was also given the happy (not!) news in ICU in DKA with BG of 809. Not a day I’ll ever forget either. Whoa, 918! We’re both lucky to be alive, something I try to remember when I’m feeling frustrated.

I’m not needle phobic, but when the nurse told me to inject my stomach I was ill at the thought. Nope, I said, where else can I shoot? Got over that quickly.

Hi Hunter,
I was just diagnosed as a Type 1 this year at age 57! I have been lucky to have lived most of my life without all the food restrictions, fingersticks, and needle pokes. I’m glad you recovered from DKA. very scary!!

hi hunter
i am 16 yrs old too :slight_smile:
i was diagnosed last February
i am gonna post a blog like this one when i pass a year
loof forward t it :slight_smile:
you had DKA?wasn’t that scary for you?

yess it was i was seeing things and blacking out…i lost 60 pounds in like 3 weeks all i could do was drink water…and sleep

Man, the unquenchable thrist was the worst.

i was carrying a milk jug full at all times…

I’d run into stores & down 2 quarts of juice instantly. Yea, that was really helping BG!

we would stop for gas and id make a run for it…id grabe a big coke and down it before we were rang up…yeah dont miss that at all

Congratulations on 4 years and overcoming needlephobia.
I was diagnosed at age 5, so I can’t share the typical diagnosis story. Because I can’t remember it!
I am told that my first grade thought I might have a bladder infection because I was asking to use the restroom so often. Thank goodness for parent-teacher conferences because my parents got me to the hospital before I went DKA or anything.
Anyway, old-timers like me and Danny here are proof that although your life changes at diagnosis it doesn’t have to end. (Sorry to lump you in as an old-timer, Danny.)

Hunter, all of your readers have had a “The day that I woke up” moment. We are here to support you. Learning about Diabetes is a big challange for anyone. Educate yourself about your disease and share your frustrations. All of us have gone thru it at one time or another. After 37 years the needle thing is now the “small stuff”, but was overwhelming at the beginning.

Thanks for sharing your story Hunter!

Before I was diagnosed (at age 21), I was carrying 10 liters of water with me to work and drinking it all. I hardly got any work done because I had to go to the bathroom constantly. I also always fell asleep at my desk after lunch after drinking a half liter of (non-diet) Sprite.