Hi All

I’m a new member and just received my Animas OneTouch Ping, and will be starting on it soon. I’m a Type 2 and have been doing MDI’s since 2007. Right now I’m wearing a CGM to give my Doctor more of an idea of where I’m at and what’s going on. Any words of wisdom, or helpful hints you could share w/me would be so appreciated. I’m very excited and optimistic to be starting on the pump, can’t wait actually!
I’m really happy to have found this website as well as this group.

Hi Michwelle and Welcome to TuD. Great bunch of people here and when you have questions, someone will have answers! (Or at least suggestions). I have only been on my Ping for 2 1/2 months and I love it, but there is definitely a learning curve you go through and when you have questions or concerns you will find people on here respond a lot quicker than any doctor! Meanwhile if you don’t have it already I highly recommend you get a copy of Pumping Insulin by John Walsh. Also start reading the manual and getting used to how the pump and the meter work, following directions to install the batteries, set up time and date, etc. Even though your doctor will probably give you starting doses based on what you used on MDI, you will find it takes a lot of tweaking to get it right on your pump, especially the basals since you can now alter them by .025 and set them differently for different times of day. I found I spent the first couple weeks making changes to my numbers and fine tuning them to work the way I want. But it is so worth the initial work! The first thing I had to figure out was where to wear the pump, on my clothes for sleeping etc. Then comes learning the infusion set. But poco a poco (little by little) it will come together!