Ok so I have had this issue with hiccups for many years. I’ve always wondered if it was a vagus nerve issue or something else. I don’t have gastro paresis. When I clear my throat especially if I clear it more than 3 times quickly, I get hiccups that last for hours. I am very careful how I clear my throat to avoid it. But sometimes I just have to ahem one too many times and I pay the price.
My endo said he never heard of this and kind of thing and dismissed it.
Has anyone here had this symptom.? Maybe I have something rare and unrelated

I get terrible hiccups that last for hours, too. Occasionally days. People think hiccups are funny, but they’re agonizing torture when they last that long. I usually wind up sedating myself with 3 or 4 Benadryl to try and sleep it off, otherwise I just stay curled up in a tight ball crying and trying to minimize the jumping. It’s seriously awful, you have my sympathy…

I do also have/do the vasovagal syncope thing. I don’t know if that’s a term used to describe specific episodes or if it means a condition that makes you prone to passing out when your vagus nerve is stressed. For me, it’s all about the thumbs. I pass out stone cold for a long time when my thumbs get pinched, usually waking up in an ambulance when it happens in public because observers freak out and call 911.
(I’ve never once needed an ambulance for a diabetes related incident.) It’s happened during things like, I was holding a public restroom door open for someone else, who forced it shut on my thumb, and down I went… My dad accidentally caught my thumb in a the car trunk trunk once (didn’t break it, just enough to hurt), and down I went. The only time it didn’t involve my thumbs, I pinched my elbow between a piece of lab equipment I was moving and the door i was trying to squeeze it through, and again, down I went… Wound up hitting my head on other equipment on my way down. I was working in the quality control microbiology lab of a factory right out of college, and one of the workers who was bringing me samples found me that way and called 911.

I gotta say, though, it’s been so long since I’ve experienced a hiccup episode or the vasovagal thing. I never linked them together, but it might be possible that they are. I assume I’ve just learned to better protect my thumbs to prevent the passing out. I’m a new convert to the seriously taking care of my diabetes thing. I finally figured out a way to get me insured that wouldn’t bankrupt myself about three years ago, so have good insulin, pump, etc now. I’m wondering if the hiccups and/or the vasovagal could have been related to my poorly managed diabetes, which is why they’ve vanished now. I made some pretty major life changes altogether in recent years, though, so it could have been any number of things. (Moved across country, left city life behind to buy a homestead farm, only eat real food anymore, much of which we grow ourselves, instead of fast food and prepackaged chemicals…)

Interesting. I’ve never heard of your thumb condition.
My hiccups issue continues when my control was marginal to now where I have decent control.
My doctor is perplexed. I’ve learned how to not clear my throat.
I just suffer during allergy season.


I drag the back of my throat with the back part of my tongue. I can also create vacuum that way.
What I need to avoid is using my diaphragm, that’s what does it

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thanks @Timothy!