Hidden Costs Of Diabetes Devices

Riva Greenberg, T1 for 40+ years, discusses the hidden costs of diabetes devices. She also compares the Dexcom G4, the Freestyle Libre, and her Verio glucometer. Riva is a wonderful blogger. I don’t think there is any better blogger online. She has written three wonderful books. I am pleased to know her.


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I agree, Richard. Riva’s post raises a valid point that there is much more involved with supporting and using diabetes tech than meets the eye. Doctors, device makers, customer service reps, insurance companies all need to realize all the extra effort that goes into the person with diabetes using that tech well. They can’t simply think that a device prescribed and delivered is problem solved!

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All I have to say about that is I want Medicare to cover CGM’s!!


My husband was appalled to learn that Medicare does not cover CGMs…and that I was only half-joking when I told him that my diabetes supplies will be taking a fair size chunk of retirement income when that time comes.

@phoenixbound and @CatLady06, have you let your legislators know that you support The Medicare Access Act of 2015?? and would like them to co-sponsor this important piece of legislation?

Legislators only pay attention to money. I have none for them.

Yes, they pay (too much) attention to money, but they also pay attention to the voices of their constituents if their constituents speak clearly.

If you are silent, only the money will be heard.


On my to-do list, @YogaO.

@CatLady06 - Gracias!