High BG after a nap?

I tested after an afternoon nap and it was 199! What happened? This was about 6 or 7 hours after my last meal and I took my regular dosage of Novolog with my meal. I was so surprised, I took another measurement and it was 200.


What did you eat??? You might have had something that was high in fat…it takes longer to Digest (Manny taught me that one). Are you stressed about anything???

its a typical lunch I’ve had dozens of times. It was around dinner time, so I had a light dinner, took a little bit more insulin and about 1.5 hours after dinner, my BG came back down to 110.

I can’t really explain why BG would be so high after a nap but I’ve been having roller coaster days. Yesterday I went from 160 to 80 in less than 2 hours. It made me dizzy.

I hope it gets back to routine tomorrow.

I am not always, but pretty likely to be high after a nap…no clue why. There doesn’t seem to be a connection to what I’ve eaten. Another of life’s small pleasures ruined by this illness!

If I miscalculate my insulin bolus for a meal (fats can often be the culprit, as mentioned), and I decide to take a nap, it can happen that I really pass out and sleep for quite a while. High bgls make me really sleepy! It doesn’t happen very often now, as I have a pretty good handle on what foods will leave me with crazy highs later on (Chinese food, for example - it’s evil!!!).

That’s a good point. It might be the high BS, caused by any millions of things, making us want a nap…