High blood pressure with ADHD meds

Hey everyone!

I have noticed that my blood pressure is higher when I take me meds for my adhd. I take adderall . I am very concerned. When I check it on my meds im 130- 140. When im off of them i range between 110- 120. I am freaking out! It need my meds to focus but I would so rather not take them to protect my kidneys! I have only been type one for three years and have a 6.4 a1c. I am hoping that if I stop my meds I will not have to worry about high blood pressure???

Hi Alyssa,

I see you’re a pumper, from your profile. Maybe all you need to adjust your basal rates a slight bit higher, to compensate for the med-elevated BG’s. Then you’ve got everything working for you the way you want it.

Do your eating habits change when you are off or on your meds? If so, maybe you just need to adjust your boluses.

While BG’s in the 130-140 range aren’t “ideal,” they certainly aren’t terrible. I’d worry if you couldn’t get your numbers under 200, for example, but you’re talking about a fairly small increase in your BG levels. Your looking at an elevation of about 20 mg/dl, which IMHO, isn’t much to get worked up over.

Cheers and good luck,

I think Alyssa is concerned about her blood pressure and not her BG.


Sorry, as always, I am an idiot!

Cheers, Mike

130-140 is probably little high for someone your age, but adderall is a stimulant so its not surprising it raises your blood pressure. I think 120/70 is considered pretty perfect blood pressure so the 130 isnt alarming. you might consider talking with your doctor about other treatment options for the adhd understanding you are concerned about the blood pressure or including a medication that lowers BP to counter the rise you get from the adderall.