High calcium levels

Hello everyone, During my last physical the NP told me that my calcium levels are elevated and that my vitamin D level was low. She has suggested that I take a vitamin D suppliment. This just doesn't seem right to me. Everything I have read says that increasing vitamin D will increase calcium levels. This seem counter-productive to me if the goal is to decrease calcium levels.

I know there is a vast wealth of knowledge amongst our members not only about diabetes but also about many other health questions. Does anyone have experience with this.

Gary S.

How high was your calcium? Though there are other causes, high serum calcium is usually related to a parathyroid problem. Had a good friend with a parathyroid tumor whose doctor insisted her symptoms were in her head & sent her to a therapist. She went to doctor after doctor until one took her seriously. Yes, D3 helps maintain calcium levels. But, if there's too much calcium, then the parathyroid regulates. So, the critical thing is to find out the cause of high calcium.

Hi Gerri, My calcium has been running at the upper limits for a while but this time it was outside the normal at 10.5. I'm concerned that increasing vitamin D will only make it worse.

The elevated calcium level is not normal. Very likely it is caused by overly active parathyroid glands. To prevent harm from the calcium the body is reducing the vitamin D production. So your concerns about taking them are warranted. I have read that the treatment is an easy operation of 15 minutes: http://www.parathyroid.com.

Make your doc order a PTH (parathyroid hormone). I am a Type 1 that works in a hospital lab.. I had a high calcium last September and my PTH was also high. The fix was a parathyroid surgery (you have 4 little parathyroid glands behind your thyroid in your neck). Usually in hyperparathyroidism, one of the four is enlarged and they remove it. I didn't have a long recovery and the scar is minimal. Good luck!

I think I have gotten some pretty good advice from my friends here a Tudiabetes. I am going to contact the doctors office tomorrow and request a Parathyroid Hormone test. I had already been to the site that Holger is recommending and I appreciate his recomendation it helps to add weight to what I have read there. The replies that I have gotten are pretty much in line with my thinking and helps to reinforce my thought process. I knew that Ya'll would not let me down. Thanks

Gary S