High Morning BG....Any Ideas Why?

The past week my fasting numbers have been high. The rest of the day I’m fine. I’m doing nothing different, which always gets me so frustrated with diabetes. I take Humalog on sliding scale and 8U Levemir at bed and 5U Levemir in morning. Before I call endo and start the back and forth questions, I was thinking of increasing my bed injection of Levemir to 9 or 10 units. Any ideas? Has this happened to anybody else on injections and what worked for you? Thanks!

Do a search on the “Dawn Effect.” Basically it is a situation where your BG goes up in the morning. The other issue that can cause this is if you eat a meal high in fat. When you check your BG before you go to bed and it is good but because of the fat it delays digestion and absorption into your system causing your BG to rise. This may be 6 hours after you eat so it can take a while.

I would recommend that you set your alarm for 3am and see where your BG is. If it is at a normal level but when you wake and it is high you may be experiencing the Dawn effect. If it is high at 3am think about what you are eating and at what time, you may need to make some adjustments to your schedule. Your doctor is going to ask you these things as well so you might as well beat them to the punch!!



Hi drrps3,
I agree with David, check and check and log. That way you have the information to back you up when the doctor asks questions. Also the first thing to work out with him/her is the “what ifs”. My doctor and I have already talked about, “if this happens or if that happens” here is what i want you to do.
I keep my meals on a very basic schedule and never eat my dinner past a certain time. If I am going somewhere that the meal is going to be much later than my schedule, I eat before I go. Also if fats are the problem for your digestion be careful of your evening meal and eat your fats earlier in the day. If you need a snack before bed, make sure it is something very low fat or easy for you to digest. My bedtime snack is a little carton of sugar free, low fat yogurt with 3 tablespoons of ground flax seed. It is something I need for my body, but may not be what you need.
Checking your blood sugars during the night will give you your best answers. This may not be something that is helpful for you, but it is for me. I keep a bottle of water beside my bed at night and each time i wake up, I drink some of it. My son taught me this and for some reason it helps to keep my blood sugar a little more even during the night. Best of luck to you.