First, thanks to Amy and the other judges over at Diabetes Mine! I actually won a prize in the Holiday Survival Sweepstakes: Week 2 Winners, and Round 3 Question: Move It, Move It?. And it really wasn’t one of my snarkier comments, but the check’s in the mail kids, check’s in the mail… lol. Also thanks to Sue at Human Kinetics for donating my prize, Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook. Lord knows I need the exercise.

Hmm, maybe this is a hint… I’m not that funny and I need to lose weight. You know, if it wasn’t for my devilish good looks I wouldn’t have anything going for me!

Anyway, this last week went pretty well. I was pretty proud of myself after the big Thanksgiving meal, 2 hours post and a BG of 145!

I think I finally figured out where I need to put my infusion sets, around on my sides and higher on my torso seems to be the best place. I’m getting less blockages and bleeding there. I still don’t really like the Sure-T sets, having to change them every 2 days is kind of annoying, but at least I am getting the full 2 days from a set. I’d like to try a Silhouette set again to see if they would work better now.

I also think the change to Novalog made a huge difference in absorption. I’d though for years that I was developing resistance to Humalog, though my GP kinda poopoo’d the idea. Resistance to a human insulins? BLASPHEMER!! lol

I’m doing a 30 minute square wave bolus on every meal and it seems to be working ok. I was already bolusing 20 minutes or so before eating, with the square wave I really need to start it about half an hour before I eat. This is a little problematic at times, just doing the best I can with it.

All in all, I’m not get the swings I was getting, my daily averages seem to hover a lot closer to my average of averages over the last week or so (does that make sense?). I’m starting to feel comfortable that we will actually have some reliable enough information to make some decision on what to do.

I’ve been using the Carelink software from Medtronic. It won’t run on my 64-bit version of WinXP (incorrectly identifies it as Windows Server 2003), so I usually upload at work. Since this was a long weekend, I decided to upload on the kids Vista machine. I hate Vista. I spent a lot of time cussing how slow it was to get things started and actually going. Carelink is slow enough by itself at times, it does not need help.

I still have a couple of Carelink issues, mostly around the log book. There is no place to put in entries for manual insulin injections when you are following the Hyperglycemic Protocol and also no way to get a blood sugar in when you don’t use the UltraLink meter. You can enter your blood sugar manually when you use the bolus wizard, but if you don’t actually deliver some insulin (i.e. you have enough insulin on board already), the meter reading will not be saved. I guess I’m going to have to buy one of the kits to upload that info. I can’t believe that it is actually a SERIAL device that I have to hook to the back of my frickin’ machine and not USB. /sigh

Well, guess I’ll get back to it… just got to remember what it was

A well deserved win Scott! Way to go!

You did WAAY better than I did after Thanksgiving, man… Congrats on that and on winning the prize!

LOL, thanks Manny… I won’t tell you how it went after that…

Good Job!!! 145 pretty good after Turkey day:)

a serial device? man oh man, that is OLD school!