Hospital stay

So we thought my husband was having appendicitis and went to the ER last night. Turns out his appendix is just fine. They are sending a GI Doc at some point today to see if it’s something like inflammatory bowel disease or something. He was just diagnosed with LADA on Feb 25th, anyone have an insight on this or similar situations?

On the bright side we found out his A1C is down to 8.1 from 13.2 at diagnosis!

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Run a Celiac Panel?

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Can’t help you on the medical issue you are facing but serious applauds and congratulations on getting that A1C down out of the stratosphere. You and your husband worked at it, you both earned it and should lead a much healthier and enjoyable life. Wow!!!


@CJ114 Thanks!!

great on the reduction of his A1c, and please for his long-term health, urge him to get it safely down to around 6.
7 is not good enough.

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@beth39 I realize he is newly diagnosed, but perhaps look into Gastroparesis

Congratulations all around for the reduction in A1C. Keep on, keepin on! I agree with @Dave44

to get it safely down to around 6.

We are for sure reaching for 6 :slight_smile: Thanks for all the info! We are being released because they didn’t find anything. We have an appointment with his Endo on Friday to talk about further testing.

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Hi Beth. Just echoing @Tim35’s suggestion about a celiac’s test. Can be a fellow traveler with T1, like other auto-immune diseases, so it’s good to have it checked even if you’re an adult dx. I had mine done a couple of years ago–negative–and I was 60 or so then.

Hi Beth,

Since he was newly diagnosed and has reduced his A1C so well, I assume he’s made major dietary changes; possibly more protein and less fiber???
Perhaps he could try a probiotic and take some extra fiber to keep things moving smoothly with the new diet? (I like Yerba Prima psyllium whole husks-- amazon, or your health food store; drink it in a big glass of water before bed.)

Also, hydration?? I need MUCH more water to stay hydrated now with the more fat/protein weighted diet.
Water, water, water.
Hope this is helpful!

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Beth, further to what @Karin7 mentions above ^ there’s a good chance the dietary changes your husband has made over past 2 months are what’s causing his “discomfort”.

I have no idea what changes you’ve made to diet, but I experienced significant gallbladder and digestive tract discomfort when I cut back carbs and upped my fat / protein intake.

The good news is the body has the amazing ability to adapt, and everything eventually went back to normal.

Hope your husband gets some answers, and please congratulate him on his fabulous working lowering the A1C numbers :+1:t4:

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@Karin7 @Jimi63 We actually haven’t made many changes to his diet. We’ve always been very healthy eaters. I’m not sure exactly why he was so high at diagnosis but we know that the pancreatitis attack that took out the insulin production area happened June 1st 2018 and he wasn’t diagnosed until Feb 25th 2019. His gallbladder was removed on June 27th because it was “sludgy” and they wanted to prevent stones from causing another one.

I am planning on a probiotic as long as his Endo is good with it.

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I’m not a doctor, and I don’t know a huge amount about how Celiac affects T1 & BGs (although I probably should, since I am diagnosed with both), but I do know that my numbers were high less often after I was diagnosed with Celiac. Is Celiac and starting the Gluten-free diet the reason for my better numbers? It’s hard to tell, since it was around the same time that I started using an insulin pump, as well as around the same time I graduated HS, so there were a lot of changes going on at the same time. But Celiac is more common in diabetics, so it couldn’t hurt to check.

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