How closely do you "look" at your needles before taking a shot?

Hi Everyone,
I’m a bit upset. I sent sample needles to the Reli On manufacture; I got a new box back after they looked at the needles I sent. The box they sent me is just as bad as the box I had to begin with!
I’m totally frustrated. Should I just ignore the stupid things and take whatever insulin I get actually in my body? sigh… I’ve seen needles with blunted tips, and little spots where I can see that the needle is simply got a hole in the wrong place! ugh.
MeadowLark… should I call them on it since they sent me this “free box?”

Wow. If you can see problems with the needles, then I think you should send it back AGAIN and ask them to inspect the box before they send you another one.

This should probably be reported to someone else (govt agency) as well!

You might also want to take the needles to your doctor or a trusted pharmacist to get a second pair of eyes on them to see if there is in fact a problem.

Absolutely. Call anybody and everybody who should know.

Hey All, I went to the Dr the other day. I was told that I "am very detail oriented and need to just use the needles and not worry about it."
Since I went my first time last month and got the Lantus to go along with my Humalog. I’m doing alot better. LOL!
So well, that he is going to do an A1c after only 60 days. ( the next time I go in!) Possibly lower one of them.
hmmmm… wonder what is going to happen? If he lowers the Lantus; my morning high will just go up. If he lowers the Humalog… well, I won’t be floating thru life very nicely. sigh… I may have to find a way to afford insulins from out of country.
By the way… I’m 108 tonight at bedtime:) I think I will skip the Lantus so I dont go to low in my sleep.
Seems I took enough Humalog to cover my meal well:) Due to this… I’ll probably be high in the morning. We’ll see.


oops ! figured out how to add that last bit in the other one… but not how to delete this one!LOL!

I would send them back if there a problem with the needles i won’t use them