How did you find out you had Type 2?

I’m just curious to hear how others were diagnosed with Type 2. I think this disease got about a two- to five-year head start on me because I didn’t recognize the symptoms. Mine was caught in my second pregnancy (I found out only after demanding to see my chart that I had it then too).

Was anyone diagnosed after pregnancy? Routine physical? Did you have symptoms?

I had the symptoms

I had an appt. with the gynecologist. After testing my urine they suspected T2 and told me to see a medical doctor. I guess I’d had it for quite awhile without knowing. I never recognized any of the symptoms.

My pre-op physical, before some minor surgery, showed my bg to be in the mid 300’s. (I hadn’t been to a Dr. is quite a few years). After the surgery, I went for a check up, A1C was 10.1, and I was put on insulin. This was a year ago this month.

In my case, I had a routine physical in January 1999 - bloodwork was all normal. By September 1999, I was having constant headaches. When my doctor did bloodwork to figure out what was causing the headaches, my BG readings were high. So, I went from perfectly normal bloodwork at the beginning of that year to a T2 diagnosis 9 months later. The good thing (if there is a good thing) about the diagnosis was that I probably did not have a lot of damage before I could begin working on good BG control. I did not have gestational diabetes with either of my 2 pregnancies.

The symptons were obvious. Massive thirst and continual urination.

My partner was diagnosed at a regular checkup. Aside from his high number, he was freaked out with having to stick himself for testing. Trying to make it easier, I told him that it wasn’t that bad (the sticking) and that I was probably higher than he was. I took a lancet, stuck myself and tested myself using his glucose meter. Of course, the number was in the 300’s (fasting). So, I called his doctor and made an appointment! It was confirmed that I too had Type 2. So, we’re traveling on this journey together. He’s gotten more comfortable with testing himself…though he still dislikes it. And, he’s gotten much better about taking the insulin shots…though he hates needles. I’m looking into getting a pump. I’m thinking that it makes more sense to change an infusion every few days instead of giving myself shots four to six times a day. Now the task is finding a pump that has a good reputation and that will work for me. I’m not too excited about having a tube to deal with…but I think that’s a small issue compared to the daily shots. My partner however is now too freaked out with the tubing to consider it. My hope is that once I get a pump, and he sees that it’s not a big deal, he’ll be more open to getting one for himself and avoid the daily shots. Any suggestions on a pump???

I had gestational diabetes with my pregnancy 15 years ago. Since then I’ve had high BP, gained weight (belly fat :() and generally found myself reallllllly tired after eating especially carbs. In January I got a blood panel done and my fasting was 126. Doctor said this was “pre.” I started exercising more right away and working on losing weight. In April I had my first A1C test (6.8) and glucose tolerance test (275). I went from pre-to Type 2 right away. I’m taking Metformin now but no insulin, and have lost 31 lbs since January. It was a real wakeup call for me and I am hoping to stave off insulin as long as possible.

My case is a little different. First pregnancy (1986), doctor would say my sugars were a little high. Last month of 2nd preg (1989), doctor said I have gestational diabetes and gave me a piece of paper and said to follow that. I had no idea what an “exchange” was and so was very confused and didn’t do anything. 1st born was one month premature, weighed 8 lbs., 2nd was term, weighed 9 lbs. 12 oz. No problems until a couple of years ago. Started with bumping my leg really hard and ended up with a very large bump that would not go away (November 2006). Abt 6 weeks later bump went away but had really bad rash - dr actually thought I burned my leg on a muffler. After numerous creams it finally cleared up, but would get another (again after bumping leg). Got a rash in spring of 08 that would not go away and previous creams were not helping. Scheduled appt. with derm but had to wait 6 weeks for first available appt. Itching got so bad I called my primary. He was on vacation so I went to see one of the physician assts in office. He said it could be a sign of diabetes and looked at my blood tests from the year before and said it was a little high. Diagnosed a month later after new testing, about 1 year ago. Now can recognize times when I got weak/sick during a type of tai chai class and actually had to sit down. Now thinking those were low blood sugar incidents.

I had all the symptom , lost 40 pounds, always thursty, and going to the bathroom a lot, but I never thought I had diabetes, I’m very active and just thought I was over doing it, cause I felt fine, but about 2 months ago I had bad pains in my stomach and was passing blood so that really scare me. My brother took me to the Emergency Room and there was about 100 people waiting there, so he took me back home and called 911 cause he was worried. The paramedic checked me out and my BS was 303 and they took me too the hospital. The doctor told me the next day that I had Type2 diabetes, I ended up being in the hospital for 9 days. I thought my life was over. I didn’t know anything about diabetes. The people at the hospital was super nice and very helpful cheering me up and giving me info about diabetes. Two months later I’m feeling fine, I’m still active and have a great doctor,so I’m just taking it one day at a time and trying to stay positive. Good Luck everyone, and God Bless

I had gestational diabetes with my last son…that was fun! And then when he turned 12, I had a routine checkup, blood work, etc…and sure enough there were those ugly numbers again. I tried very hard to control it with eating, but what did I know then.
My doc put me on amaryl first, and then tried serveral other meds, exercise, weigh control, and now a low carb diet. The only symptom I had was being tired, but I worked 13 hour days, too…so who knew? the one thing that I am amazed at is that at my job, we had M&M’s all the time, it was Nothing for me to gobble down a 3 lbs bag every other day. I should have gone into diabetic shock of some kind…very scarey, because I was the only person in the office most of the time, and for many days!

I had been camping a month before in an area heavy with deer ticks, and had developed severe fatigue. I went to the Dr on Sat figuring I had picked up a case of Lyme disease he had blood tests run, called me on Sun saying he needed to see me first thing Mon morning, my HbA1c was 11.8

Mine was discovered during a physical. My fasting BG’s were around 200.

I also had all the classic symptoms…lost about 30 lbs, constantly thirsty, always tired. For about 1 year I was stubborn and I didnt mind it. One day I developed “flu-like” symptoms: body malaise, chills, constantly throwing up (both food and liquid), finally losing consciousness. I was brought to the emergency room having blood glucose of 400. Funny, my physicians never caught it during regular check ups.

I had no symptoms what so ever. I had applied for a disability insurance policy to be accepted, I had to take a physical. The blood test showed a blood sugar of 267 and an A1C of 11. I was not considered over weight with a height of 5’9" and a weight of 180. As of May 9,2009, my life changed dramatically.

I was planning on a trip to see the inlaws but I just did not have the strengh,I wound up at ICU with a blood sugar of 1000 or so that day. For weeks i had been throwing up after meals and always thirsty. My wife made me go to the emergency room when i got to the point that I could not even move or hold any liquids down and looked a little yellow. I kept drinking orange juice to quench the thirst instead of water. I stayed in ICU for about 2 days and then regular room for another 3. I was given insulin to control the sugars. I was not sure if I was type 1 or type 2 at the time. I just knew that I needed insulin for about 9 months. I took 3 months of work at the time to get better, not my choice though. I eventually did get better and after 9 months no mor insulin and pills. that lasted for a few years until I stopped watching what I ate and stop excercising. I am now back on track though.

I landed in the hospital with a badly ruptured disk in my back, unable to walk. The only answer was surgery, urgent but not anything which couldn’t wait a few days while they did the bloodwork and ekg. I had not had any preventative care in many years, was in denial about the symptoms and somehow the diagnosis did not surprise me. My a1c was 11.9 and my fasting was around 350…that was a little over 2 years ago.

I had ‘slightly’ elevated blood sugars on lab work over several years. Several docs just said we would watch it.
One night after dinner, I had an unquenchable thirst like I never had before. I knew it was a definite sign of D. I went to Wal-Mart that night late and bought their and glucometer and strips because they were inexpensive. Sure enough, my blood sugar was high. Had to go to a couple of docs to get the right treatment. That was over 7 Years ago.

It was during my pre-employment medical examination… came out I had glucosuria (not sure of the spelling)… blood test showed BG was 252… I cried a river when I found out I have Diabetes… but before that… I already experienced the symptoms frequent urination and massive thirst… felt tired all the time too…

Like many others, I had the symptoms. From what little I read, I knew I probably had Diabetes 2, but I didn’t go to the doctor to confirm that for a long time out of denial. I didn’t want to know I was diabetic like my late father. Finally, when my symptoms got to the point of me falling asleep everywhere (in church, at work, at the movies, while driving!), I knew I had to confront my fears. I went to the doctor for a check up. I told him of my father’s diabetes, and my symptoms. And the rest is history.

I am glad I went and got diagnosed. I know I should have went sooner, but I can’t change the past. What is important is that I now have the tools needed to monitor and “control” the disease.