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I am SO pleased to be in New Zealand - my costs are almost totally covered. I pay full price for lancets ($30-ish, maybe once a year since I re-use them) and other things are all under $10 for 3 months supply.
Spoilt rotten - but then that balances out because we have no support for pumps and barely a CGMS in the country - and they are the two things I want soooo desperately.
We also have very little choice in what tools we use - only a few options for insulins (we only just got Lantus a couple of years ago, and it’s still hard work for anyone to get on it) and only two main meters for people to choose from.

Out of my pocket. I have no insurance.

Out of my pocket too since I don’t have insurance. $10 dollars for the medicine I could only afford generic meds metformin and $110 for 4 vials of test strip but usually I could only afford 1 to 2 vials per month so that’s $28 to $56. Supposedly monthly check up with my endo, that’s $12 per visit, My last visit was October, but really can’t afford it every month, can’t squeeze it in the budget, plus laboratory(sgpt, urinalysis, LDL and others) check up every 3 months $28 per check up… Haven’t check my A1c, I have diabetes for 2 years now, I don’t even know my A1c, should cause me $12 again.
I am only earning $200 per month…