How long before you started pumping?

I am amazed at seeing so many people online who went on a pump within months of being diagnosed. When I was diagnosed this wasn't an option as pumps were not as well-known or safe/sophisticated as they are today and were not recommended for kids. I waited 15 years before I decided to get a pump. Are there many here who went on a pump within the first 6-12 months of diagnosis? I wonder if having such tight control from the start will have an impact on complications. I can picture some people being diagnosed today and within the past five years never developing complications if they start using a pump and CGM so soon after diagnosis.

I was diagnosed on 12/21/06 and I’ve been thinking about the pump on and off since 2007. I really thought about it since August and STILL waiting for the approval. So overall by the time I am up and running it will have been at least 6 months total.

dx 1984, pump in 2008.

I was diagnosed Jan 1983, started insulin March 1983 , started pumping Aug 2001(prior : had hypo unawareness and drivers licence was taken away for about 3 weeks …another story ; Endo suggested a pump ) , CGMS in 2006 and live without complications .

I took me about six months from when I talked to my endo about a pump to when I had the pump start, too. I’m hoping my second pump (in the process of getting now) will go faster!

My question referred to how long you waited after diagnosis to get a pump. There are many here and on other forums who began pumping within a few months of diagnosis, which I find amazing.

When I was dxed 51 years ago there were no pumps. I started pumping 40 years after being dxed.

dxed 2/1989. started pumping 3/2002. So that was 13yrs, 1 month, and 5 days :wink:

I was diagnosed in late July of 1992. I did not begin pumping until August 20, 2008. However, it was pushed on me as a kid - I didn’t want a pump though (I was scared about it).

I was diagnosed in 1991 and the first time I really heard about a pump was in 1997 or so when I went to a meeting for about them for teens and their parents. There was a kid in my high school who used a pump, but doctors never asked if I was interested or even mentioned that they existed. In fact it took me bringing the subject up in the summer of 2006 for my endo to say it was a good idea. Finally started pumping in January 2007 and I would not go back.

I agree, seeing people jump right into pumping after Dx is suprising to me, its great though. I waited ten years before I started the pump. My doctors suggested I try it in High School but I was not ready to be attached to anything all the time yet. I was so active with dance, gymnastics, softball, tennis and the swim team it seemed to be more of a hassle to me. But now being in my mid-twenties and wanting the best possible control and hoping to start a family soon, going on the pump was the best thing I could do. So glad I finally did it but it took ten years before I was ready to do it.

Diagnosed 4/74 started pumping 10/06. 32 years of MDI before pumping. Why did I wait so long.

I was diagnosed in March 2010 and got the pump in June 2010. So about 90 days I was on MDI. I love the omnipod!

I started pumping 42 years after being diagnosed in 1964, I wish I would have started when I first heard of insulin pumps in 1984!

waited 36 years, started about 2 1/2 months ago.

diagnosed october 2007, started on my pump in june 2008. was prescribed the pump in march of 2008 but it took a little while to get the insurance approval and set up the class.
started on the navigator in february 2010.
when i look at my charts and compare the graphs … at ten am the day i started pumping my numbers tightened up remarkably and now with the CGMS i even have the occasional day where i’ve got a flat line for most of the day.
but here’s what my pump did for me starting immediately

i know a rollergirl with a pump. she says the most important thing when you’re being active is to put it someplace it won’t get smashed

I was about 33 years into this before I decided to pump. Really wish I had come around sooner. I’ve been on a pump since May and a CGMS since April. I was way too late to this game.

I was on MDI for 14 years until another Type 1 diabetic friend convinced me to switch to the pump. I will always be grateful to her, because along with the pump I learned all about counting carbs, which TMHO is the most important tool of managing D.

Wish I’d gone on the pump since day 1, but back in 1996, when dxd, pumps looked a bit ugly and scary…

I got mine 15 years after being diagnosed with Type 1 I was 25 and the ONLY reason I got one (at that time) was b/c I was pg with my oldest daughter. My bs were VERY unstable and the dr hoped it would help. It did and now 23 years later I wonder how I got along with out it.

I was officially DX’ed Nov 1st (2010) when the antibody test came back. The probable DX came on Oct 20 when I was admitted into the hospital. My Endo told me it would be 6 months before I would start a pump. Two weeks later at an appt I begged for a pump. He listened to me then called in his “pump specialist”. She said there was no harm in trying for insurance approval and then spent an hour going over my options/risks/benefits. The next day I got a call I was approved, the next week I received my pump and CGM!!! I was amazed and thankful! Today is the day I start my pump. I’m nervous and excited. I did mess-up this morning and take my Levemir, so I hope that’s not held against me. :confused: