How long do you wait to eat after bolus?

I was waiting 10-15 mins and noticed I was spiking. So I have been waiting 25 mins and my spikes are very limited. I was just curious what others did. I had a CDE tell me to eat as soon as I bolused and I said to her that even on the novolog website it says to wait like 10 mins and she told me not to. Needless to say I don’t go to her anymore.

I usually bolus and then wait 15 mins. unless my bs is higher then 120 then I’ll wait about 20-25 mins…our Diabetes are individual for each of us so if longer works for you go with it.

I had an endo tell me that also and she sounded upset I said I waited! Sounds like more CYA to me…worrying about their responsibility if we have a severe hypo.

I usually wait 15 minutes unless I am lowish and then I bolus and eat. I take Apidra which I understand is the most rapid of the three, though I don’t think the differences are much.

I agree, whatever works for you without making you hypo is the right amount of time for you.

I actually went out to eat with family and asked the waiter for an ETA on the food and bolused accordingly. Everyone but me had ordered pizza and after I’d bolused the waiter told us there was a problem with the pizza oven and there would be a delay. I didn’t want to eat my food before everyone and I felt ok. My nephew’s wife is a nurse and she kept trying to get me to eat some bread, I think whe was worried about how to care for me if I went into a diabetic coma! I’d ordered pasta which was chancy enough and I didn’t want my blood sugar through the roof. The food took 45 minutes to get there. Surprisingly I was fine. I didn’t have my meter but I didn’t feel any hypo symptoms. I ate and my 2 hour numbers were good. Maybe the extra time helped me not to go high from the pasta (which was really good)

It depends on what I’m eating and what my bg is, but on average I’d say that I take 50-75% 20-30 min before a meal and the remainder right before or while I’m eating. For meals that don’t require a lot of insulin, I don’t need to split it up and will take it all about 20 min before.