How long have you been on Dr.Bs?

How long have you been on Dr.Bernstein? Any problems thus far or only positives? Also, as protein can be converted into glucose how many grams of protein do you try to stick to per day on this diet? How many grams of fat?

HI Sunny!
What’s the name of the cookbook?

I bought my first copy of Dr. B’s book in late spring 2006. I joined the on-line forum in september 2006. Dr. B is more than just a diet, but people focus on just the diet. In fact, Dr. B was the first to test his blood sugar at home and he invented the basal bolus regime in 1972. His writings have a wealth of information on everything diabetic.

I’ve gone up and down on how strict I am on the diet. I was never able to get my fasting numbers down no matter what levels of carbs. Most typically I’ve eaten 50-100 g/day. During serious weight training I was trying to get more than 200g/day of protein, substantially more than Dr. B recommends. I stopped counting calories long ago and don’t count fat. Fat, like information, wants to be free.

As to success, I was only able to hit “any” blood sugar targets on a low carb diet. Before Dr. B my fasting was consistently 140-180 mg/dl. I was always dissappointed at never being able to get my fasting numbers down to normal levels on Dr. B. I know many people who could reach fasting numbers under 100 mg/dl, but for me that just was impossible. I actually submitted questions on this to his monthly teleconference on this and he responded (basically said I should use a basal insulin, duh).

I never liked his cookbook. I think I have my fourth copy of his book. Anytime somebody close to me get’s diagnosed I give them my copy of Dr. B and get a new one.

T2 here. I’ve been doing Dr. B’s approach for about 1.5 years. I’m not real strict on the 6-12-12 I’m probably 2-12 -25. Typically snacks tend to be nuts, cheese or celery so you can add a few more grams to my total.

I’ve eliminated all grain and potatoes so my carbs come mostly from non starchy veggies, eggs, nuts, cheese and small quantities of beans every once in a while. With these sources of carbs it’s relatively easy to keep my carb count in control.

My problem is that I have gained weight since starting, this has caused my insulin resistance to get worse. My numbers have deteriorated because of this. So I have tried limiting protein and fat at various times in a effort to lose the weight. No effect. I’ve also increased my exercise, again no effect.

The latest thing I’m trying is to severely limit my use of artificial sweeteners. I had gotten in the habit of adding flavored liquid stevia to carbonated water and drinking about a pint many evenings. I came across a article somewhere that said that the taste of artificial sweeteners could cause a release of insulin (in some people) in a sort of a Pavlov’s dog response. I reasoned that perhaps the extra insulin, coupled with my increasing insulin resistance, was causing the weight gain. I realize I may be grasping at straws but to date nothing has worked, and trying this is relatively painless.

I have been on DR. Bernstein since January of this year. So I am pretty new. Before doing this diet I wasn’t tracking my BG at all. In a year I might have checked my BG 4 times. And I was always over 400! I knew I needed to change my life, and I did. It has been almost 2 months and I am so happy! I have been checking my BG at the least 6 times a day now. My BG is usually running from the 90’s range to the 130’s range. The diet itself is easy to follow. It helps that I have always enjoyed veggies, and now I eat mainly veggies, eggs, peanut butter, chicken, turkey and sometimes beef. One Wasa cracker with peanut butter and cinnamon on top with coffee keeps me going till nearly lunch time. The only trouble I seem to be having is that I eat dinner early around 5:30pm-6pm and by the time I go to bed around 10-11pm I am hungry again. I try to eat only protein but this has been making my fasting BG super high. So, I am trying to figure this out. Other than that, a diet that leaves you satisfied and feeling really great physically, most of my aches and pains are gone, is a diet I can do for life. I encourage you to give it a shot!

I’ve been following Dr. B’s diet very strictly since November, and have cut out all bread (except Wasa Rye), all pasta, all fruit, starches, etc. I have to say, just like Dr. B says in his book, the proof is in the blood glucose readings. I’m type 1 and, since I started the regimen, have rarely had a blood sugar reading over 120mg/dl (except when I’ve been sick). If anything, I have to be careful not to get too low…that has been my major struggle so far. It’s hard to stay at a steady 90mg/dl like he suggests. I don’t count fat grams and I actually don’t really factor in protein (I eat tons of it), but I adjust my insulin to the carbs that I eat. I try and follow the 6-12-12 regimen with some give and take.

So, except for the occasional low blood sugars experienced and the more than occasional longings for a heaping bowl of spaghetti, the diet has been mostly positives. It’s really freeing not to demonize fat but to savor it! I have never poured so much heavy cream into things in my life…it’s a constant staple in my refrigerator. My weight has stayed constant, I feel energetic, and I think I can stick to this for the rest of my life since I know it’s the only way to keep my blood sugars in check. Good luck Lil Mama.

Check out the group Tagers United here on TuD. They use a technique for calculating insulin doses that takes into account the glucose that comes from protein and fat. Since you’ve cut carbs a higher proportion of your glucose is coming from these sources.

Glad Dr. B is working out for you. I find my meter is the best motivator in sticking to the diet.

Have you tried counting your carbs, fat grams, and calories? Too much fat and protein can halt the weight loss. Here’s a great way to calculate your needs on your low carb diet to lose weight:

Thanks for all of the wonderful replies! I too have been a low carber for one year now but cut my carbs even further to 30-45grams a day in October.

Thanks for the link LiL MaMa. Jennys diabetes site has sure helped me get my sugar under control, maybe this one will do the trick.

Hi everyone, I’m new to this site, but not new to Bernstein. I have been following his 30g carbs a day plan pretty closely since May 2009. Soon to be 2 years! I lost weight very quickly and within 6 months plateaued where I am now, which is no longer overweight, although I’d like to lose about 10-15 more lbs. I’d like to be totally visceral fat free and slender, lol! I do make some modifications to his plan, such as I do not eat the 6g breakfast carbs very often. I have them at snacks instead. I also occasionally have a bite of a higher carb food and just count it and eat less of the healthy veggies. Not proud of that.

I tested a lot at the beginning to see what various foods did to me because I didn’t believe I’d have to be a strict Bernsteinian to get good control. I thought I was prediabetic for type 2. Well, if I want to have control as good as he recommends, apparently I do. I am an early caught 1.5, as I do have the antibodies for type 1, so at some point I’ll probably be taking insulin, but for now I am diet controlled. What I should do is count my protein and maybe my fat, at least the part that comes from cheese, which I eat lots of, and wait longer between meals. I confess to still eating before I get hungry.

My fasting numbers are in the high 90’s to 115 sometimes, and my pp numbers are generally no higher than the mid 120’s or so. If I eat one small piece of bread at dinner, my fasting the next day will be in the diabetic range, so I don’t. Same with any other starches. If I do it for a few days in a row like on vacation, my fastings go to the 150’s.

I like this way of eating, though, and am pretty used to it. Before I started this I always had trouble controlling my weight. The grains were doing me in!

Thanks for the reply, I too am an early diagnosed LADA. I was controlled by extreme diet/exercise for exactly one year and was started on insulin in January. Keep up the good work, glad to see you are able to use only diet after almost 2 years.

Even more strangely, Lil MaMa is that I received a diagnosis of impaired fasting glucose, or prediabetes in 2004. I think my a1c was 5.2 back then. I assumed I was becoming a type 2 and I did diet and lose weight, exercise, etc. but my a1c kept slowly rising. I believe it got to 5.9. Anyway, a year ago when I learned about LADA I ordered lab tests myself online and discovered that I’m positive for GAD and have low normal c pep. Now a year later I’m repeating those tests to see if I have deteriorated. If I can tell…! Dr. B’s way of eating has lowered my a1c to 2004 levels. I wouldn’t change for anything. I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off before and now it’s doable.

Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

I have been following DR Bs for 5 weeks now. I have an average bs on my glucometer and I have gone down from an average of 200 mg/dl to 154 mg/dl. I will be having some tests and seeing my doctor Mar 17th, I am hoping to see a much better A1c than the 7.8 I had last September. I have not really stuck to it 100%, but I am getting better at it as the days go by. I am going for the 6/12/12. When I walk in the evening, my blood sugar drops about 100 pts, so I have been eating a 15 gram snack before I go. Also I have been up in the night with lows and have eaten a 15 gram snack. I am trying to get adjusted, but I am not sure yet how much I should reduce my night time shot of Levemir. 38 units. I was at 42 units, but I have been taking just a little less each day to see how it goes. Like Sunny, I can’t handle statins so I am hoping my cholesterol looks better.
I am really focusing on lowering stress, sleeping 8 hours and increasing my exercise. I walk 2 miles per day and once I figure out how to do that without a low, I am going to try adding some strength training. Can anyone share some insight about strength training? or any of the rest of this?

That is great news. As you lower the carbs and adjust, you will need to lower your basal. Take things slowly so you have time to adjust.

I have become a real fan of weightlifting. I don’t know anything about your current level of fitness or whether you have any equipment or a gym, so it is hard to make specific suggestions. What I will tell you is that weightlifting does work, it can be hard and intense, but it builds muscle and is productive in helping you lose body fat, become lean and insulin sensitive. If you are just starting on strength training, you might work on bodyweight exercises, squats, wall pushups, and so forth. You can also get elastic bands, a whole set with different tensions. Once you are ready, then you can move to weights should you want to.

Dr. B recommends small corrections during exercise like smarties and to use only enough to restore your blood sugar to normal levels (83 mg/dl). As far as I am concerned, carbs used to treat lows during exercise are “free” so long as you don’t overdo it and just restore normal blood sugars.

thanks to bsc. I needed the encouragement! I will take it slow.

I eat an early dinner too, and if it doesn’t last me until bedtime, I find a spoonful of peanut butter or coconut butter do the trick. Cheese would as well.

I have been on Dr. B’s awesome way of life diet for 2 years and I have had good (trying to improve) numbers (A1c is 5.8) and feel it is a diet I can maintain for life. I also eat up to 45 gm carb daily the Dr. B way. I Have had fabulous lipid panels consistently since the diet they improved so much and I would have had a hard time believing that with all the media mainstream lowfat, highcarb only diet info out there. I also maintain a healthy thin weight. I hand this book or websites info. and titles of Dr. B and Jenny Rhul out to anyone I meet with D too. It has been a clear direction for me and my Dad was dx T2 last fall and it works like a charm for him without meds.

I am T 1.5 and have had a slow onset after my 3rd baby. 1st 9mths after baby Dr. B diet and exercise only , 10 months later started on Metformin up to 2000mg daily. Now basal and bolus insulin since 18mths after dx. My fasting C pep has deteriorated from 1.0 to now a .8. I wonder if I could really get to the 83/85 range all the time if it would really stop deteriorating or if that is just the attack on my loser pancreas I cannot do anything about.Oh well for me, Too late!