How Long on Basal? Am I kidding myself?

I was wondering if any of you maintain control using only Basal and Metformin - along with tight carb control and exercise. At this point, my only issue is ensuring that my background insulin stays in tight control so that when I eat (the very low carb way - no more than 10-15g per meal), my pp numbers are less than 140.

Or am I just kidding myself? Is basal-bolus inevitable? Are there diabetics whose basic problem is the non-meal glucose created in the liver (basal)?

Dear Cheri.

You don’t get to live your life over but if God would allow me this I would insist on basal and bolus as soon as I found out I was diabetic. You do not want to end up with a completely dead pancreas that makes diabetes not fun. the more so if you become insulin resistant then it is nearly impossible to manage and is worst that your most horrible nightmare. Meals are a major stress for the pancreas and I see no harm in helping it a bit with fast acting insulin. Of course this must not be considered a license to got eat a super size portion of junk food. Diet and exercise would still be the major tools. It is a make fat drug but in small amount that you need as long as your pancreas is still working it is not a problem.