How many Carbs are right?

I am totally lost I have been a Diabetic for five years was very strict when I first found out but after a few months I was totaly discouraged sure my sugar was in the 6 to 7 range but I was starving so before I knew it I was off eating more and more of the bad stuff and I am not talking heavy sweets just back to subs and good meals with real stuff. Now I have heart problems and cannot have fat, salt or carbs the way I look at it there is not a whole lot I can eat. STARVING… I am also a big time snacker love my cold meat cheese & crackers. Peanuts Weight wise I am 5’-10" 180lbs I need my snacks and not little peices of Melba Toast


Everyones carb intake is different. I honestly think it depends on your bodies requirements. I usually try to stay under 120 grams of carbs per day…LOL some days I go over a little but not often.
I know there are a few people who might eat less than that.
My carb intake was created 4 years ago with a nutritionist; it’s been tweaked a little.
I am 62 inches and about 135-138.

Hope this helps.

Hi Les, I’m a recently diagnosed diabetic so I’m kinda going through the same process right now of not knowing what I can eat. Recently I’ve changed my snacking habits a lot and am enjoying new snacks and not being hungry. My personal favorite is probably hummus with some carrots or celery sticks. Kristin recommended to me nuts and olives which I love both of but you may want to talk to your Dr. about the fat content in the nuts before going too far with that one. Another one I’m a fan of is spicy tomato juice- a glass of that usually fills me up, although again you may need to consider the salt content. I hope you find something you like soon, being hungry just plain sucks. Good luck!