How many times have you dealt with DKA, hospitalization

If you have type 1, how many times have you had DKA episodes in your lifetime. Please indicate the number of years since diagnosis.

For me it has only been once and that was at diagnosis 38 years ago.

As a LADA (almost three years since my (mis) diagnosis) I have never had DKA or been hospitalized. I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but I’d be interested to see if any other LADAs have had DKA, since most people go into DKA when they are diagnosed and our insulin loss is more gradual.

I was dxed in 1959, 51 when I went into dka, that was the only time for me.

For a minute I read that as you were 51 in 1959 but then realized that wasn’t too likely! Since you were obviously well into diagnosis when you went into DKA can you tell us what led to it?

Was diagnosed 23 years ago went into hospital twice with dka both in this year both times due to infections.
Never ever want to go through that again.

I’m lucky, I’ve been a type 1 for nearly 14 years and have never been hospitalized for DKA. Now that I’ve cursed myself, it will happen this week. I was diagnosed at the age of 28.

Never, My parents caught it before too much damage was caused 12 years ago.

i’ve been hospitalize once in the 4 years tht i have been diabetic they told me that i went into DKA because my body was trying to fight off an infection

I was diagnosed when I was 9, have had type 1 for over 18 years at this point, and other than when I was diagnosed I’ve never been in DKA or hospitalized for diabetes. Hope I never will be, either. I’ve certainly had episodes of having moderate or large ketones, especially since starting on the pump (any problem with insulin delivery and I seem to develop them very quickly), but I’m paranoid about ketones so make sure I stay on top of things when it happens.

DKA at diagnosis. Hope to never repeat that experience.

Once and very thankful I lived…one more hour and my life would have been over. Dx’d Type 1 that evening. Never want to go through that nightmare again. Horrid.

Were you two diagnosed as adults?

That’s one nice thing about being diagnosed as a kid. I have vague memories of being insatiably thirsty for a few weeks, and remember feeling unwell a few days before diagnosis; but overall I don’t remember much about how awful I must have felt, nor the four-day hospital stay that followed.


How old were you?

I was 9, and have had type 1 for over 18 years, so more than 2/3rds of my life now!

I was hospitalized once for DKA which developed into a 3 day Coma when I was 19 years old. I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes for 48.5 years. I’ve had other episodes of early DKA but I look after it myself.

Yes I was 30 yrs old when Dx’ed. I still remember how awful the liquid potassium tasted and how bruised my hands and arms were from all the I.V.'s Bad memories.

They gave me potassium pills, horse pills. Ugh, liquid potassium.

I think I was DKA at diagnoses as a 13 year old in 1968, remembering the symptoms and the stomach-ache and nausea, nobody used that term that I remember in talking to my parents. I was not hospitalized. Have had it three times since : once in 1982, when I had pneumonia and was hospitalized for it and the DKA; ; two other times due to infusion set problems in the 7 years I have been pumping: I called my doctor and treated it on my own( Insulin injections)…Though I felt pretty bad for a couple of hours, the blood sugar gradually came down and I began to feel a lot better( the corect amount of Apidra works pretty fast). I drank a third of a bottle of vitamin water to resupply the electrolytes, particularly potassium, and I was ok.
Not a good feeling. DKA is nasty.

God Bless

Zoe you gave me the best laugh for the day, thanx. I was a teen and do remember being sick before hospitalization. I remember my mom being concerned about my weight loss but other then that things are a little fuzzy except when I was hospitalized.

At the age of 13 I was told I could not eat this or that, and I went out to prove them wrong, lol. I have been in for KDA about 5 times over the 25 year period I have had type 1. I have not been back for it in over 14 years. Twice it was a direct result of either an infection or illness. (Stomach Flu and Sinus infection) The other times, well, I have found that I can eat anything I want to but I tend to have problems with the digesting of certain sweet tasting things. :slight_smile: