How Much Do You Spend?

I'm curious about how much we diabetics spend on our care. How much does it cost for you to get supplies, for special diets, doctor's bills, etc.?

i put 2,500 in my health savings account and usually have no problems spending. My policy has a 1000 deductible so i blow through the first 1000 pretty quick.

I am just guessing - between $3-5000. And I have good insurance. But I've also had db for 38 years and have multiple complications (that I consider myself to be living well with) requiring me to take a lot of prescriptions in addition to insulin. I also have bigger co-payments to see a cardiologist, retinal specialist, kidney specialist and health psychologist.
If you really stop to think about it, the cost to maintain one's health with db is staggering. LOL - I try my best not to think about it!

It's crazy to think about because your not only figuring in the cost of insulin, syringes, etc., but days you might have to miss because of D related mess and the initial doctor's visits and as you mentioned Kathy, all the doctors and treatments for complications. I've been a diabetic for 17 yrs. (21 yrs. old so most of my life) now and the only new thing that seems to be out there are the sky high prices. I just finished college so I'm looking for work and have no insurance. The "lovely" people at my DHHS here in S.C. said to get declared depressed or get pregnang. Both "wonderful" solutions. They told me that being a diabetic wasn't disabling enough to get assistance.

I'm with Kathy on this one. I'm a long-term diabetic and with retinologist visits twice a year and various odd things that come up during the year. This year was a remarkably bad year. I put $4000 in the FSA. I took it all out by the end of April. I also lost my job in May so I think I made some money on this one. I had a nerve impingement in my neck that went 5 alarm and have done a lot of PT and acupuncture since January. It was successful but not without a great deal of blood, sweat and tears. OK, the blood was a little hyperbole. This is an expensive condition to manage. My "toys" are not cheap. But now my blood runs cold at the thought of having to muddle through without my CGM or my pump.

I'm with Kathy and SF Pete on this. The cost is high. My husban lost his job this year which left us without insurance. Before when we had insurance was around $4500. Now it will be more without the help of insurance. Everything will be out of pocket and my pump and CGM supplies are not cheap. I can't even think of going back to MDI and not having my CGM when I have 3 kids at home and one on the way. Diabetes is not cheap!

im new at this and on mdi. i live in spain, so get all the insulin pens and stuff paid for, but pay about 50 euros more a month for the test strips the govt wont cover. they only give me 3 a day, which for my peace of mind isnt enough.

I've got rather good insurance at the moment, but still put an equal amount into my diabetes care as if I were paying a nice car payment monthly.

It's been interesting over the years too. Right after college, I had a period where I was paying all my expenses 100% out of pocket. Not sure why, and didn't really think about it at the time, but the items I needed then were dirt cheap! Less than $100/month total. Today, without insurance, I'm sure the cost would be 10 to 20 times that per month. Then again, the care items I use today are way more advanced than they were back then.

Oh, and I've been a diabetic for 40 years...

The answer is too much, it really is at the edge for me. And because of certain conditions, not a lot to be done about it. Only if a cure is developed one day soon will the situation change.