How often do you test for ketones?

Depending on how high I am and how bad the ketones are but normally I call my doctor and start drinking water.

It isn’t always that easy. When you are sick you sugar goes high no matter what you try sometimes as well as stress. If it were that easy to control blood sugar everyone would ahve perfect A1C’s.

Ive been a diabetec for almost 40 years and other than my mother doing it when I was young have never done it. Ask me if I think its been a wise choice and you would get a big NO from me. I have been sick a few times over the years and every time I have had to go to the hospital,guess what it was ketones that got me there.This might sound sorta dumb but I dont even know how to check any more unless its still peeing on a stick.Im glad to have read your discussion question next time I go to the Dr. Im going to ask her,what do I need to do.

There are cicumstances under which it’s really difficult to keep BG’s down. If it were as easy as just keeping BG’s in range, I’m thinking many of us wouldn’t be here.

I have never tested. I’m sure I was tested by my GP but it was never mentioned what my levels were… I look at it this way; I survived more than a year with my BG rising constantly to the point where a fasting 350 was “normal” for me so I don’t feel a day or two at or above 250 will do much more damage… If I stayed that way without a logical explanation after a correction I would call my Endo first to see what my next course of action should be. Honestly, no one has ever instructed me on when I should test or under what circumstances.

These a good for me. I use them in the middle of the night when I can’t get my daughter to get out of bed to pee!

I’m supposed to test everytime above 240, but usually it’s ever time that I’m above 270 or even 300. SO far the high amount of ketones that I have had on the urine strips in almost 3 years has been small.

I feel better after reading everyone’s replies because I’ve never tested for ketones. Have an Rx for strips & have never gotten any. I was told to test over 250, but thankfully I’ve never been this high.

I always check if my bg is above 250. I rarely ever have seen ketones which is good.