Ketone testing of urine

Scheiner, in his book: Until There is a Cure, The Latest and Greatest in Diabetes Self Care, indicated that ketone testing of urine would be necessary if the blood sugar is high.

Is it a good idea to test if we are not feeling well, even if the blood sugar is between 90 - 180 ("normal"), or is it a waste of time?

What are your thoughts?

Well, it's likely not usually recommended unless BG is ~240. But then again, you have to urinate anyway and the test strips are pretty cheap, so why not.

Trace/small amount of ketones in urine while in a fasting state are actually a healthy and normal state: Ketosis which is completely different from DKA.

Thanks. And what if BG is ~ 240, such as after a meal and if there were a possibility of underdose of insulin (I'm still new to the carbohydrate estimating) Anyone else?

If you're concerned about DKA, click on the link in my previous post. Answers await.

If my BG is persistently high 250 or more I will test my ketone. And if positive or not it's time to get a syringe and take a big revenge bolus. Once I start spilling ketones it takes a massive amount of insulin to get my BG turned around. I buy new strips every year or two, they do not last forever once the bottle is unsealed. If your a T1 you need Ketone Strips.....and it's double important if your a pumper...