How replace G6 battery

Still new to the G6 and today got a warning of low battery. Didn’t even know it had a battery. Any advice on changing the battery.

If the warning you received was a “low transmitter battery” then you will have to replace the transmitter soon. It should give you an estimated range of life it has left. The batter is not meant to be replaced, but technically can be done through some unconventional methods you can find with a Google search. If it is a low receiver battery, just plug it in and charge it :wink: Hope this helps!

I was all excited to try my first battery replacement a few days ago. Got the plastic housing dremmeled off without disturbing the fragile mounting tabs no problem… And then proceeded to DESTROY the battery trying to get it out. I followed all the advice about where to drill and how to pry, but the battery just refused to give. I swear, they’ve started supergluing the thing right into the transmitter. I don’t know if the videos are just on older transmitter models, or if I had terrible luck, but I gave up on my 8J after prying out all the battery guts and never being able to loosen the bottom of the battery casing from the transmitter.

And in case @Through_Hiker84 wasn’t clear enough, the transmitter is technically supposed to be replaced every 90 days. You’re not SUPPOSED to change the battery, but some people do to save money. I’m quite good at disassembling/repairing electronics, but my first attempt was a bitter fail.

There are magnify apps for smartphones that can do 10x - I mounted a smartphone tripod mount on a 3 by 2 inch piece of wood. You can then lay the phone flat off the edge of the table to help see what your doing.
It’s great for splinters. All us great fabricators fail at least once a day - get the app and give it another shot. The apps are unreal and maintain crystal clear magnification through 10x. You can light up your work - the app can keep the flash on if you desire.

Thanks for the tip, but I don’t see how that can solve my problem. There aren’t any super tiny things I’m having trouble seeing. My problem is that the battery is falling apart anytime I try to apply leverage to pry it free of the transmitter. The metal just shreds like tin foil and there’s nothing left to grab/pry.

On your G6 receiver or app, you can check settings, transmitter and it will show date transmitter was started. If close to 90 days since that date, you will likely get 1 more sensor use on that transmitter.

I know it does not solve your problem - just offering a tip on your next try or for other things

You can do a lot better job if what your working on is clearly magnified.

If you drill into the center of the battery then use a 90 degree pick to yank it straight out, you might have better luck.

When the battery is replaced, the transmitter is still storing days used of original. And Dexcom updated transmitter SW, so that xDrip can no longer reset days on newer transmitters.

My understanding is that only the older 80 and early 81 transmitters can be reset after battery change, and actually used after reset.

Yep. I didn’t know that when I first tried with an 8G, though. I don’t think that info was really out there yet, since the 8G was the first “firefly” sensor.

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