How to Adjust Basal With Increased Exercise?

I have started reducing basal slowly as I added more cardio & weight training this week (being determined to lose a few more pounds), but wondering if I need to be more aggressive on the adjustment - I noticed I’m feeling “hunger” - odd feeling as I haven’t felt it in so long being on very low carb.

Any ideas, input, guidance? Right now I’m taking 15 U Levemir 2x daily. Or, do I need more protein? Right now about 80 - 100 g a day.

Hi Cheri, I’m not sure about reducing your basal because that would reduce your basal for 24 hours. I find that I only need a reduced basal for about 2 hours when I exercise.

Do you take fast acting insulin? On shots sometimes reducing your bolus before exercise is a better option.

Are you experiencing lows? Those can cause feelings of hunger.

Do you go high after exercising? I find that I tend to go low while exercising, but my blood sugar can shoot up afterwards

(Sorry more questions than answers!!)