How to find Endo reviews?

My Endocrinologist has moved to another group. For 25 years I had used Internalist doctors to help manage my T1D other than very short terms visiting specialists. 3 or 4 years ago when my PCP said she could not prescribe a CGM I went thru a lengthy process of checking reviews of Endocrinologists and the 1 I selected is/was GREAT. When the group she used to work with called and cancelled my appointment, they gave me 4 doctors to choose from to schedule a new appointment. 3 of the 4 I can find no reviews at all, the 4th is listed at (an old?) different location.
What are some of the best sites to visit in attempts to find reviews of the 4 ‘new’ doctors??

Luckily, my GREAT doctor had mailed me a letter from her new location - unluckily, their office still has not returned my call inquiring about rates, etc. I will gladly follow my doctor but as a Cash Pay customer I need to have a general idea if a full blown appointment including labs will cost me $325 or $1350 per visit.

You can read about some of what I did to find my current endo in my topic “Searching for the Mythical “Perfect” Endo (My Quest for a New Endo).” She is still my current endo and actually two other people in my face to face support group see her so we have each over time shared stories of our experience with her.

Thanks Brian - Lots of great tips, several I used last time around. Discussions like these help remind what worked before and additional tips to result in potential best match.
As the years go by faster - my patience gets thinner.

Visited my GREAT doctor’s office and quite satisfied with the ‘cash pay’ prices I was quoted for Visit and required Lab. A ‘friend’ at the group that I had been visiting, gave me a personal recommendation on another Endo he works with BUT will follow my GREAT doctor to her own practice and keep the other in mind.

One question, why couldn’t your HCP Rx a CGM? All they need is an MD (or CDE,NP) behind their name

You can search on Yelp. When I needed to find another endocrinologist I asked the outside rep from Medtronic for a suggestion. She was very helpful in helping me find a great doctor.

Artwoman - At the time, I was not pushing it, though I did think ‘can’t any doctor prescribe it?’