Resources for finding Endos

Does anyone know any good resources for finding an endocrinologist? Online searches have been less than helpful, including giving me completely unrelated doctors. I would like to look around as I have been on the fence about my endo for a while. He’s not horrible, though communication for refills and other things is not great, and that is mainly why I have stuck with him. My experience has been that most endocrinologist are completely unbearable, rude, and treat you like they are your parent or boss. He is not too bad in that department, but in other areas is fairly lacking. I don’t know if there is a website with a good list and maybe ratings or something. I am not even dead set on an endocrinologist, as an internist that is knowledgeable and willing to work with me is good too. I really don’t need much guidance from the doctor as I usually end up tweaking things to my needs anyways, it’s more the other aspects of it that I need.

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I’ve had a bad experience with Endos and even a internist myself. I’ve finally (just yesterday) found a diamond in the rough. Although I heard of my Endo initially by word of mouth, I did research online reviews and came to a consensus that she’s thorough. Which was the same at my initial evaluation. I wish you the best of luck, because it’s needed.

If you happen to be in or anywhere near Houston area, I highly recommend Dr. Kateryna Komarovskiy!

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