How to replace defected Medtronic infusion sets

Its been over a year since I had any defected infusion sets or reservoirs from Medtronics. I had a few in the last couple of weeks some and called them to see about replacing them but, it seems they have change their phone system around and now to cannot get a department to handle it or a extension# to pick up. One of my questions is: do they still replace the defected ones or are you out of luck? The supply company will not exchange or take back the order after 30 days but since I get 90 supply at a time that does not work. My suppler is CCS medical . Is there a phone # or extension to reach that department? What I see out of Medtronics I will not be getting my new pump from them at the end of the year.
Thanks for any help

This link provides number to call. Is it what you used ?

Call the 24-Hour HelpLine at +1-800-646-4633, option 1.

You may want to review the info in link for troubleshooting.

@Rphil2 may have suggestions.

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I have used the Mini Med Quick Set infusion set for over five years and have never had a defect issue.

I have also never had an issue other than an occasional long wait time reaching an agent using the referenced telephone number.

Many years ago I got a box of reservoirs where the clip holder thing would strip off when you attached the tubing. Medtronic replaced them. Was no big deal, and I never had another issue, I used throw for 11 years

You can also order a replacement online at Home | Diabetes Shop

You have to have a Medtronic account.