How to safely carry ur insulin pen at dinner?

hy people ,
i wanna know how to carry my insulin pen at dinners , i am always worried about insulin in pen gettin bad bcoz of heat or what not and forgettin pen etc. so most times i either bfr going for dinner i take my dose and take some snack with me in case i reach resturant a bit late than 30 mins so my sugar doesnt go low but there are times when u have to carry ur pen with u , i dunno how to safely do that ?


as long as you’re not in rediculously hot teperatures, it’s okay to have it out of refridgeration while you’re using it. I’ve been using them for 5 years now and I’ve never had a problem with them going bad.

Hi raj.
My son carries his in his back pocket. When he is inside his car it is in a little case. When he goes inside a restaurant he puts his in the pocket and then takes it out after dinner. He uses a Humalog pen. In our hottest weather he keeps it inside a cool pack.
I carry mine inside my purse. Like my son though, in the hottest weather ( 100’s) I keep mine in a cool pack also.
In the mall one day I saw a man leaving a restaurant and it looked like he was putting an insulin pen into a little case on the belt at his waist. He was getting into an elevator that was closing or I would have asked him where he got it. Maybe someone else knows about these.

I carry four different medications in pen form that I carry with me at all times. I take 8 or more injections a day. I have a neoprene bag I put my medications and supplies in. I can put an ice pack in the bag if needed. I do live in the south and have had no problems so far. I do not like digging in my purse for my medications or supplies.

Once I take a fresh pen out of the fridge I no longer worry about keeping it cold. I probably go through one every week and a half, dont keep a cold pack on it at all, just stays in my pocket or on the kitchen counter at night. Twice I have run into ineffective pens, once was a problem with the entire shipment, the other time it was at the end of a shipment that I had really stretched out pretty long. So I dont think it ever had anything to do with not keeping the pen cold.

Do it at the table underneath it, out of sight or in this case maybe “site”.

Carrying the pen is simple and easy. If, if the insulin gets THAT hot you need to carry it in another way. But keeping it on your body should not be a problem except for reeally hot/cold climates and temperatures


When I used insulin pens I carried them in my purse and gave myself a shot at the table.

I carry my humalog pen in my shirt pocket 24/7, except if I am going to be outside in hot sun a lot. As long as I am comfortable my Humalog should be as well. I use a little belt pouch for my Lantus and it also hold a 3/10cc syringe or two as well as spare camera battery.

When I asked to switch from vial/syringe to a pen for my humalog my doc gave me a kit with a humalog pen, a few pin needles and it even included a case with a belt loop suitable for purse or belt.

I DO NOT take my mealtime insulin before I eat, let a lonw before I get to a restraunt. One time I went to Denny’s and service was so slow I left and went next door to Bob evans. I take my mealtime insulin after I am done. That way I can take one shot with the correct dose, I am on MDI and do a sliding scale based on carbs. this allows me more freedom to eat more, or less, than I might think or planed earlier.


If you’re really worried about temperature because you’re in a tropical climate, these pouches are wonderful for keeping your pens or insulin vials at a stable temperature:

You can carry these pouches pretty easily in a pants pocket or shirt pocket - they’re fairly narrow. All you’d need to do is stick a couple of pen needles in either the top of the pouch or in another pocket and you’re set.

I carry all my supplies in a Dia-Pak Deluxe. It will hold everything you need to take with you and even comes with a gel-pack to keep your pens or vials cool. I highly recommend it!