How weird is your type 1 diet?

My work shift is from 4p-4a
I’m 5’10"" 190lbs
My current meds are Lantus and Novolog Clear

Everday at 430am I take 12units of Lantus
When I decide to eat, I take 1 unit of Novolog for every 12g of carbs

Due to my fast metabolism and active lifestyle,My carb count is usually between 70-120 carbs per meal. I must eat this many carbs to avoid snacking in between.

I eat approximately 3-4 times per day. (4-5 hours apart)

My BG maintains between 90-137 mg/dl

I must say that the Lantus and Novolog Clear is probably a great alternative to people that don’t want or can’t afford the pump. I thought about getting the pump at first. Unfortunately it would be to cumbersome to wear it on my uniform.

I feel great and more in control using the carb counting method as opposed to my initial treatment of novolog 70/30. 70/30 is ok but it forces you to eat at certain times.

I’m not surprised you’re happier on a real MDI routine - the mixes sort of mean that diabetes controls you, but with MDI, we’re in control!

My diet is pretty normal… I haven’t made a lot of changes, I just watch my carb intake. Sometimes that means going easy on the carbs (gives me the best control). Sometimes that means watching the carbs as I put them in my mouth! lol My general rules are simple: Heavy on the veggies & test lots!

I typically eat 4 times a day (3 meals and a small supper) and aim to stay between 4 & 7 (72 and 126) but of course that’s just an aim and not possible 24/7.

I have to go with LinsayRyan on this one. I’m known for not eating when they tell me to or what they tell me to. I’m a pumper too.