Humalog and novolog mixing

Had someone ask, " I was filling my pod with humalog but didn’t have enough so was going to top off (40 units) with novolog" sounds like bad idea to me, any opinions?

my endo specifically told me no mixing in the same cartridge/reservoir/syringe

That seem to be General consciences,

Just curious but can anyone shed light on why It would be bad to “cross the streams” like this? I know some people have problems with one or the other, but most—like me—seem to find them indistinguishable in terms of effect. Is there something so different in the formulations that can cause them to interfere or interact with each other in a negative way?

Some insulins can be mixed without issue and others not so much. Back in my MDI days it was totally fine to mix Lente and Regular, for example. I’ve used both Novolog and Humalog in my pump but I don’t recall ever putting both in the same reservoir. The only concern I could envision would be occlusions, but I doubt even that would happen. Nothing else bad should happen from mixing them.

Well I will have follow up, my friend put it on, was an omnipod by the way.

It’s fine. The only problem is if they act differently for you, for example the duration. If you rely on formulas or IOB numbers on your pump, and they act differently, that might cause your calculations to be off.

If your insulin duration and IC and onset is the same with both of them, mixing it will work the same. It’s not a problem.

Why do endos tell you not to? Because they haven’t tested it to say it works, so it’s easier for them to just say don’t.

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