Humalog >> Apridra

Hello all.

I have been diabetic for a little over 25 months now, and have only ever been on Humalog and I have had the struggles with my weight and the hunger pains that seem to plague everyone. I am wondering if anyone has switched from humalog to apridra and had great results??

I’ve been a diabetic for a little over 25 years now. I’ve been on humalog (in a pump) for the last 15 years or so. The last 2 years the weight and hunger pains have been getting worse and worse, I gained 50 lbs! My Endo gave me sample vials of novalog and Apidra. I tried the Novalog and it was better! then went back to a vial of humalog and didn’t slide back any. I started the Apidra this morning and will go through that vial before I decide which (Apidra or Novalog) I want to continue on.
Sorry for the lack of real help, I hope someone else posts an answer. But, I can send an impression of my experimentation in 2-3 weeks.
12 weeks ago - started Symlin, lost 11 lbs without trying - but stopped losing after 4 weeks.
8 weeks ago - tried Novalog (+ Symlin), and re-started the weight loss (lost another 8 lbs)
4 weeks ago went back to Humalog - no change and needed slightly more insulin. Felt more hungry (totally anecdotal)
This morning - started Apidra - will let you know what happens…

I would kill to lose 19 pounds! that would put my bmi into a healthy category! I think I am going to talk to my endo about adding symlin…

They just really annoy me! I’m like why am I eating? I do not need to eat, I’m not actually hungry…

I recently switched from Humalog to Apidra. I like Apidra for it’s faster onset and shorter duration. I did not expect that switching to Apidra would result in a weight loss. And it didn’t. Why do you expect that Apidra has a positive effect on weight?

i have been on Apidra since i started pumping 2 years ago… but so far no weight gain or anything like that… weight has been consistent, i havent tried Humalog anyways…

I’d like to answer, just to see if my answer is the same as rachemoon’s.
For me the “I can’t stop eating” occur when my blood glucose reaches ~145. The tighter control I have the less “hungry” I am. so, an insulin that allows me better control will allow me better food management control.
but I wonder if those of us who can’t control our eating shouldn’t get some hints from Symlin (or amlyn), which does many things, including tell you when you are full - and we T1s don’t have it.
It (Symlin) has been an interesting experience for me. I am on <1000 calorie diet, and have been for 2 years, and can’t lose weight - now with Symlin I can.

I have been using Humalog for many years and have never tried Novolog or Apidra. My friend, however, is Type 2 and using insulin. He used Apidra for several years and loved it. Then his insurance plan required him to use Novolog instead. He found that to maintain his great blood sugar control he needed considerably more units per day than he had with Apidra. With the increased dosages he gained weight even though his diet and routine had not changed. To get his weight back to normal he had to cut his daily carb intake to 80g per day. He is back on schedule now but he is not happy. He misses his Apidra.

I do not think that most diabetics would need more units of Novolog than Apidra, or that increased dosages would cause significant weight gain. I do trust my friend 100% though. We are all different.

We are all so different. I never ate when I was hungry. I ate when the meter told me so. My theory is that my body realized that creating a hungry feeling didn’t result in a feeding. Thus my body stopped the fruitless effort. I have no recollection of when this happened. I have no recollection of ever being hungry. I am not sure that I know what it feels like to be hungry.

I’ve tried Novalog, Humalog, and Apidra. I got the best results with Apidra. It works faster so if you’re changing from humalong, it will take some getting used to. It costs more under my insurance plan, but I’m not going to fix what’s not broken.