Hello, I got another question again... And I thank those people who give comments on my blogs, I appreciate it so much... Honestly, I am really learning from this site and thankful to people who are kind enough to share what they know.

My question is... Why is it that after eating, I still feel hungry? And what will I do if that will happen?

Tonight, I experienced that "hunger-feeling" and brings me on panic attack (i was thinking about different things... I might have this and that... morbid thoughts) ... I thought I was having hypos but when I check it was 138 (just an hour had past after dinner)

Symptoms of panic attack and Hypos are similar, I can't tell the difference... My doctor told me that it's only me who could cure the panic attacks because it's all in my mind...

Have a happy weekend... looking forward for your replies...

God bless us all...

try drinking water if you feel hunger and you just ate. The water will make you feel full.


thanks cody… but why is it I feel that way??? what do u think?

Could be the meds yda, or if your blood sugar isn’t where it normally is your body could make you feel hungry as to get the sugar up where it is supposed ot be. I know when mine first started dropping I was so used to it being high all the time when it got under 300 it was like i was starving all the time as my brain was saying we are not used to it like this we want it up the way it was. If that is the case it will go away in time.