Husband was back in hospital

Sunday morning at around 4am, my Jboy called to say that he was doing the laundry and cleaning when he got home from work. He cleaned about an hour when he had called me at my job said that the heavy cramping in his body was coming back on. Told him to eat a banana and take some meds. Told him to call me back if any worse.

By 6 o’clock, my son calls me to say that the ambulance was on the way to come for Jboy. Jboy was trying to wake up those in the house for help after going to the bathroom, he collapsed on the bed with extreme body cramps to were he couldn’t move not even his fingers for two hours on the bed. He only could press the three numbers, 911 and told the operator that he’s been trying to get some help. He couldn’t get up at all. My son, was going to the bathroom when he saw the light on in his dad’s room so he pass by the room to see if his dad was awake. His dad said he just called the EMS so please get the door open. Than he sat by his dad while he was in pain, tried to see if his dad needed anything. Said for him to just be right there with him because he felt like he was dying.

Son said ‘I’m here Dad for you, I’ll call Mom.’ He called me. I called my boss to say if I could leave early cause the EMS was on the way to my house for Jboy. I left with my son on the phone telling him to tell his Dad that I’m on the way. I get to the hospital before the EMS got there and waited in the family waiting room. I saw them bring him in and ran to him. He grabbed my hand and said I love you.

They took him to the back, they started right away but before he got there they had given him a salt solution in his veins. Turned out he had drunk 6 (32) oz. cups of water during his work shift. Said that he was extremly thirsty at work. The doctor had came in right away and said that they would test him for water intoxication.

Told him, I can’t live without you…I’m the one that has to go before you cause I would be miserable without you.

Water Intoxication?! I never heard of that. The doc said that drinking too much can actually kill you. Can wash away all your sodium and potessium to were your muscles can ache and cramp so severe. Can actually get to your heart and veins when no where to go.

They gave him 4 bags of IV and salt solution and potessium cause his sodium and potessium was low. And some pain reliever for his body aching all over. He said he felt like he ran a marathon. There from 6:30 am to 2:15 pm. We went home. My mom was with me when bringing Jboy home and the girls were happy to see their dad. Telling him, they were sorry for not hearing him.

He went straight to sleep to rest. Told my mom that I would go and lay next to him. I laid there realizing that if the EMS hadn’t gotten there and another couple of hours going by he probly wouldn’t be here. I just laid there staring at him and remembering all the memories that were tucked in me for so long. The first ones when we met, the times of emotional hardship when putting my father to prison and how Jboy was there thru it all. The middle memories, all the raising the kids and being a big family, and how the time I had given up on him for one little mistake he did. And how he made up for it for almost 4 years of me putting up a wall on him.

The last memories…are now, and how we love each other with so much power into it. Like I’ve said before…he is my blood thru my heart forever.

The lesson learned was about water intoxication. Please be careful, no more than 64 oz a day of water. Drink gatorade that is low in sugar. Or have it deluded. Salt and potessium play an important role in your body. I didn’t realize how much. Now I’m cooking with salt a little more than none when I use to cook with none. For potessium, we went and bought some supplements.

And bananas, he had stopped eating them when his friend said that a nurse told him to stop eating them because they had too much sugar in them. Well, that’s when the cramping started. That was like three months ago. Now we know why.

Bananas are good for you, I eat them after when I take my meds and insulin. I’ve always eaten them and have no or little cramps at any time.

Now we know, but it took this and some past notes to compare what was really going on with him. To top it off his blood sugar was 140 so they couldn’t say it was his diabetes. Of course, it played a role but it wasn’t because of the sugars.

So compare your notes all times and remember about water intoxication. We can drink water just make sure that all other components are met.

I had an experience last year about 3 months after having a heart attack and neumonia. After the Doctors sent me home my Cardiologist prescribed me potassium at a high dose. One day I was coming home on the bus and couldn’t stand up more than 2 inches off the bench, I told the driver to go to the end of the run, by then I tried to get up again with help from another guy there and still couldn’t get up. I had her call EMTs and Ambulandce where they helped me get to the hospital for another 6 day stay. So as I read from your experiences and mine, it can go both ways, but you had your son there, when I had my first problem I only had my caregiver that came in each morning. I just wished she would have called the ambulance and not wait for the next morning like I said.

But I am now educated about water intoxication. I thank you for posting your experiences.

There is such a thing as “water intoxication”, but it happens at doses much larger than 64 oz of water. It happens a lot when one feels thirsty but is not (see: novice marathoners), or in environments where one is sweating heavily but does not replace electrolytes (see: desert environments, hot summers, physical labor, strenuous workouts).

It sounds as if Jboy had been dealing with electrolyte depletion for some time before it became critical. This is sometimes indicative of other serious metabolic issues. Hopefully the hospital checked him out for all possibilities – if not, make sure he consults with his PCP ASAP.

You need to watch the gatorade - it can cause potassium and sodium to go the other way (high) if you are drinking in and not being active (sweating, etc.). Yes, bananas are a good source of potassium but they can have a high affect in some diabetics. Cucmbers have as much potassium as bananas and won’t raise your BG as much (pickels will work as well).

Thank heavens all is well. What a terrible fright!

It’s fine to drink more than 64 oz of water a day. It’s recommended that healthy adults drink 64-96 ounces of water daily (not at once), & more if the weather is hot &/or a person is sweating a lot. Water intoxication happens from drinking too much at once, sadly as your husband did… Gatorade isn’t needed, unless you’re sweating & exerting yourself to the point of needing to replenish electrolytes.

Minerals have to be in balance. Too much of one can cause an imbalance in another. Unless there’s an ongoing medical need for supplementation (i.e., when someone is taking diruetics or other meds), taking potassium supplements isn’t the answer & can lead to other problems depending on how much you’re taking.

Good advice from Tmana about having his levels checked to be sure there isn’t something else going on. Lack of magnesium can cause muscle cramping. Too much magnesium can cause diarrhea.

Hi Patti,

Life does have it’s bumps but thank God you over came it. I have read about water intoxication. Hope there are no more emergencies for a looooong time…take care.

Hi, my friends! When I write about these incidents, I hope that one day soon that there will be a cure on diabetes because I’m so tired of feeling sad and frightened to death of ever losing my husband to this disease. I want to be there all the time by his side but we have to work our jobs in order for our girls to go to college and for the grandkids to have some nice things in life.

But we also know that we have to take care of ourselves. And believe me when these things happen we are astonded. We’re like ‘what now’. I appreciate my husband more and more every day and the love gets stronger.

I also appreciate my friends here. It’s nice to unload here, cause I feel so alone sometimes when Jboy’s in the hospital cause I know when they have him all hooked up to all those tubes and gadgets…it freightens me.

One day soon, a cure will come for all types of diabetics. This just keeps me going. These holidays are going to be special. More love and more blessings. Patti

Oh lovely lady, I am so sorry that Jboy and you are going through this, I hope that he is much better really soon, we are here for you x


Anything can be toxic taken in too great amounts (or in too short a time). 64 oz in 24 hours should be fine, but in a time frame much shorter than that… well, you already know. Low potassium can be lethal, especially for people w/diabetes because potassium is critical in helping the liver store glucose. Balance is key in everything!

(Glad you’re both okay!)

FWIW, the maximum safe consumption of water (without electrolyte replacement), in heat environments, is said to be 1.5 liters per hour over a period of somewhat less than a day. What Jboy drank were 6 32-oz cups of water – i.e., 192 ounces, or close to 6 liters – over the course of 8 hours.

Again, a lot depends on the circumstances. I can easily drink 4 liters of water on a summer day on which I’m doing a heavy workout, or strolling around a renfaire in full Elizabethan garb – my first faire after diagnosis, I went through something like 8 liters. But I’m also sure to eat and to replace electrolytes during that time.

I agree tmana, but my husband is so stubburn he doesn’t stop to eat during the 8 to 10 shift to replace anything in his body. Now he knows. Sadly, this had to happen but blessings that he didn’t die on me like this one woman did when she had entered a contest a couple of years ago. What happened was that she won a contest drinking the most water and without going to the bathroom. When she won, she went to the bathroom and told the producer of the radio show here in around Austin that she didn’t feel well. They told her that she’ll be alright. When she got home, she passed out in her bathroom. Her kids found her dead in her bathroom.

I’m just glad that it didn’t happen to Jboy. Now we know why the severe cramps. We are more cautious now. Thanks and for all the advise. Just shock to hear about water intoxication.

Wow Patti - water intoxication! I have never heard of this. Like you say, Jboy’s BG’s were fine. I am bad when it comes to drinking fluids - always being told off by my endo - as he says we diabetics need it more.
So glad he’s alright - I would be the same as you if my main squeeze was in the same situation as Jboy was. I’d be lost without him!

Girl, don’t you know it. I was shock to hear that too. Now him and his family are laughing about it like yeah, if it was me I wouldn’t even take a shower for a long time. One said, Yeah, I be in the shower sprinkling a few drops on me and that’s it. Man, one ounce an hour is all I need. They were coming up with all this stuff.

But yeah, he’s definedly alright. He’s already back to work and I’m constantly asking him if he’s alright and catering to him. And all other else. LOL

Thanks Cat, it means alot coming from you. Patti

Wow Patti…sorry, I’m repeating Anna, but that’s all I can say…WOW! Who would know that! Guess water intoxication wouldn’t affect me, as I generally have to force myself to drink more water. It’s a tough call balancing low potassium with other concerns such as high blood pressure…where LOW salt intake is recommended. (I have those!)…How’s Jboy doing now? How are YOU coping? My own hubby’s been pretty ill with the bug…will have to be off work for 2 weeks…it’s when you see them in a fragile state that you suddenly realize how precious every moment is. Thank you for sharing this very personal experience Patti. Luv…linda.

My dear Linda, yes…it was too extreme and it does effect you inside and out. The heart wants to stop beating, cause your man’s blood runs thru you to your soul. It’s like it can abruptly do harm to you, to know that your husband is in pain and fragile can find a way to your soul and take every last breath in you cause you don’t want your husband to feel the way he is. You would rather hurt than him.

That’s the way I feel for Jboy. He’s always put himself last for me and the children. I always have to make sure he’s doing what he needs to do to take care of himself. Now after, this incident we know more what to do…and I’m sure there’s more to learn as well that’s why we all come here. Right.

Lots of love to you, and for you to have the strenght to care for your husband. It’s getting tough with the economy now. We’re all going to have to take care of each other one way or another.

I glad it turned out well for you and your family.