Hypo awareness coming back!

Howdy folks.
4 months ago I got a new pump and CGM. I have been using the CGM pretty much all the times since.
My control is fantastic, much better than ever before. A1cs went from 6.9 to 5.8% I have almost no symptomatic lows anymore.

I have noticed that now I am very sensitive to both lows and highs like never before. I have odd new sensations when I go under 80. I never felt anything until about 30 before.

If I got up to around 180, I feel awful and almost sick. Not like DKA but like I am coming down with a flu or something.

It has totally thrown me off because I look at my CGM and expect that it is wrong because I cant be "feeling " 80 !!

It seems to be accurate though.

I'm sure I've done my body good by tightening my range, but now I just feel overly sensitive to blood sugar changes.

Has anyone else had this happen? Is this going to continue or will I settle into my new range ?

My endo says if I keep it tight, then the symptoms will get stronger , but I will get used to them and they wont bother me.

But even when I was first diagnosed I never had this kind of hypo and hyper sensitivity.

That is really good news. Hypo awareness is not just about feeling, but it is about the restoration of your normal counterregulation system as well. While you might not like feeling unwell when your blood sugars are out of range, it seems a small price to pay for truly normalizing your blood sugars.

Hi Timothy, I am experiencing the exact same thing. I started on a CGM and low carbing about 8 months ago and a pump about 2 months ago. While my A1c hasn't budged yet, my numbers are much more stable and I don't have the highs and lows that I had before doing the CGM/low carbing.

I too have begun to feel symptoms again at about 80 and feel lousy over 180..it's weird but I'm thankful.

Congratulations mille fois!

You have given me a very happy smile for the day!

Kudos Timothy! I think my experiences have been very similar. I have been on the MM CGM for almost a year and a half. After 2-3 months I was usually symptomatically noticing hypos in the 60s (instead of 40s and 50s).

I also notice my hypers a lot sooner/lower. And to think: 10 years ago I would consider it a pretty good day to stay in the 180s all day long, now it may make me feel horrible.

ahhh this is sooooo me, these sensations and feeling awful if not in a good range and I too use to think over 150 but under 200 all day was a good thing, now I feel not well. I used the CGM for 6 months, but was not a fan , now I just test, test, test.