Hypo Question - have any of you experienced this?

As I was walking to the train this morning, I started feeling my BG get really low very suddenly. It’s hard to describe but this is the 2nd time this has happened - the last time I was walking out of my office bldg and I literally ran into the McDonald’s across the Street and bought two apple pies and stuffed them in my mouth! So it was kind of like these really weird involuntary jerking/collapsing movements of my legs as I was walking and I just all of a sudden got really dizzy and almost fell a couple of times. This went on for about two blocks (not as bad as last time but still really weird) - I dipped into a deli for some yogurt parfait thingy and a coffee and by the time I started eating it on the train I felt a bit better. It worries me a bit because it’s not your typical shakey sweaty hypo feeling… my pump didn’t even alert me that my BG was low until after I bought the yogurt parfait thingy, but I’m pretty sure all of this came from a really big crash - it just came from out of nowhere and I felt like I had no control. For whatever reason, I felt like I needed food and that glucose tablets wouldn’t suffice. Maybe it was because of the bolus I gave myself to correct my high BG this morning (268mg/dL - I under bolused for a late meal last night, woops) - maybe that made my sugar bottom out with very little warning (but obviously it’s not typical)? It’s just such a scary feeling - this involuntary jerking motion, I feel like I have no control over it. Since this has only happened twice, I’m worried it could be some abnormal neurological type of thing instead of just your normal everyday hypo? Any one else ever experience this?

Thanks in advance…

I have exerienced exactly the same thing, probably about ten times over the last 30 years. Don’t know why it happened like that, perhaps speak to your diabetes nurse. Just to give you some reassurance, I have no neurological problems.

I have experienced that same thing and it’s when it happened I was completely cought off gaurd like you seemed to be. It’s all you can do make your legs get you there, and as you’re walking you start feeling the other signs of a low bg and it’s a struggle to get there when it’s just a few steps away at that point. I think it’s from crashing low fast and it’s how the body decides to react at the time. I’ve had so many weird things happen when my bg crashes, I got to the point of wondering what is gonna happen the next time. I’m in better control now but yeah it’s been weird sometimes.

I’ve had similar situations, I am T1 and have been on the pump for about 8 years now. I spoke to my endo (who i recently fired) about it and he suggested that it could be insulin peaks. Heres a like that explains those a little more http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_treatments/insulin_action_times.php

Thanks so much, guys - I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one! I’m going to let my Endo know anyway, just so he has it in my chart, but at least I don’t need to be paranoid about some acute onset neurological issues! : )

I guess I was also just SHOCKED to see my BG go from 268 to VERY low within 30mins, but I guess maybe I was more sensitive to insulin this morning for whatever reason.

Hi Rachelle,

I’ve had those twitches. I usually notice them when I’m ice skating or playing hockey with my kids. I have to sit down for about 5 minutes, each a bunch of glucose tabs, and then go back to playing. I think it might have more to do with the rate one’s BG is dropping, rather than the actual BG level. But that’s just my wild guess.

Keep the emergency food on hand and try not to worry about it too much. As Forrest Gump would say “__it happens.”

Cheers, Mike

yes, this has happened to me, too. It was years ago in high school. Once, my friend dragged me home as I was stumbling on the sidewalk and yelling at people walking by (guess they all thought I was drunk!!). The other time I was with my mom and aunt in NYC and I could barely walk down the street. Had no glucose or candy, but we managed to go into a restaurant and they got me some juice. The things we remember as diabetics!

I always carry glucose tabs with me now. Sounds like your sensitivity factor might need to be adjusted???

Once, about a year ago, I started feeling,well, stupid. Like I couldn’t do anything or think straight to save my life (literally). I checked my blood sugar and it was somewhere around 180’ish. I emailed my doc (he’s so awesome, he answers within the hour usually) and he said a fast drop can make you feel low. I felt like I needed sugar, but with bs of 180, it just felt wrong.

My doc said I could sip on a soda :slight_smile:

I am not a neurologist. I have no professional medical training.

I have experienced this.
I have looked into this. I have read that you CAN start having a seizure if your bs is below something like 45 if you are male and 35 if you are female. There are different types of them and I think what you are describing may be one of them. Glucose is the only fuel normally used by the brain. When your sugar drops into the 50s or below, depending on the person, motor function begins to decrease. It is always different for me. I have taken my insulin before a meal, and then I do something stupid like eat my vegetables, and then my protein, and then my hand starts to shake while I am eating. I have also had what you describe.