Ok - please confirm if this is true:-

  1. If a person doesn’t take any antidiabetic meds then they are extremely unlikely to get hypoglycaemia, even if they are diabetic.

  2. Very low carb and exercise can be a permanent and/or interim way to control diabetes (Both type 1 and type 2), if medication is not available?

My head is still foggy. Anyway, looking forward to knowledgeable responses.

#1. True, but some people are already prone to chronic hypoglycemia. Many of us were hypoglycemic for years before being diagnosed.

#2. Very low carb & exercise help control BG in both types. T1s can not live without injected insulin. Some T2s control solely using low carb & exercise, but this doesn’t work for everyone or not for everyone for long. LADAs can often control BG with low carb/exercise for a while.

Hope you get a new meter very soon. You’re right to avoid taking insulin without testing. Highs need to be avoided & corrected. Lows pose an immediate risk. Highs pose long term risks.

Meter companies will usually send a free replacement, but that may take too long. I have extra meters because I’d be in big trouble if one stops working or is lost.

Know how frustrating it is. Wish your doctor would run tests so you’d know what the best route is.