Hypoglycemia, gluco-normals, aggressive targets

I feel better after viewing the Sample Graph. Thought my swings were way out of normal, but only bad time is when I wait too long for 1st feeding after morning (or evening shot), but still typically within the BLUE.
Yes, I do have excursions Above 250 and Below 50 more often than I care to see. Rarely do I notice any reduced functionality when Dexcom even reads LOW but do take action which often rebounds higher than desired.
I am comfortable with A1C between 6.5 and 7.0 - more so than the risk of experiencing a Hypo incident.

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Haven’t read replies yet. But all the endos I’ve seen seem worried about being sued, if she prescribed insulin to me. A1C 5.4. Another Endo told me if I ever came back with a 5.1, he’d refuse to treat me.

They just don’t get it.

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Hi Terry,
I’ve been on a CGM since September of last year. I was hoping this device would help me to not live with hyperglycemia and would keep my A1C below 7! I went in to see my Endor a few days ago. When she walked in the room I burst into tears telling her I’m at my wits end with this CGM alarm, trying to keep my BG flat lined, etc. She said it’s called “diabetic stress” and although my A1C was 7 she said she was very pleased with my BG’s being in the right range 71% of the time! She said for someone who has had this disease for 60 years she was pleased! Because I have had by-pass surgery because of it she was adamant about not going into hypoglycemia! She’s had patients die from coranaries with BG under 60! So even though my A1C isn’t where I’d love for it to be and I’m trying my darnest to keep my BG in this range 70-180, it’s darn difficult. Thanks so much Terry for posting that chart. It sure helped to relieve some of the anxiety about hypo and hyperglycemia’s! One day at a time!

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You can probably have a pitcher of margaritas cause alcohol suppresses glucose production by the liver and your pre-blousing takes care of what glucose is already there!

I bet you won’t find a significant number of fasting glucoses in the 40s these days!