I Can't Believe It!

Okay, I went and had that endoscopy 830 this morning. They gave me that anesthesia Propathol. The MJ one. I came home totally loopy. I was so high that I couldn't walk to the car. I ate, and took pills after breakfast and some soup for lunch. I had a sore throat and I have this viral thing so I was incredibly tired. I went to sleep. I just woke up and it was 740. I thought OMG, I overslept. I took my morning shot of Lantus 25u and my thyroid pill. I felt like going back to bed for an hour until it was time to go to the neurologist.
I tried to set my cell alarm and I was like "wait a minute, it is 740 PM!" I thought it was morning and it is only 730 in the evening and I just shot up my morning Lantus shot!
I feel like this is the last straw, but in a way kind of funny. Now what do I do? Do I stay up all night and check for when I go low and then eat? How much will I have to eat or drink? I am not hungry because of the infection. How often should I check, every hour? After all the doctors, ER, procedures, and appointments this month I can't see another doctor. I think I would implode. I can't believe this. Will it start going low in a couple of hours? Lantus is slow acting. How slow acting?
I just got done having a week of incredibly high BGs over 300-400 from the infection and the steroids I had to take, but now ironically my BG 119.
I am so sick of being sick. I guess it was the high from the anesthesia. Yikes.
I thought Friday the 13th was on Friday. I live alone. No wonder people die when they get sick. I try, but it is hard to keep everything straight. Lots.
Jokes, commentary, advice and entertainment needed, especially if I have to be up all night... and when I woke up I was feeling better...

Hi Ellen. Well, this is advice of sorts. Do you have a doctor to ask for advice? I expect you're not the first to have done something like this--my mistake is usually taking Apidra instead of my Levemir. If your doctor can't help, maybe set your alarm to go off every 3-4 hours during the night, after eating a nice bedtime snack--for which you do not bolus! Your luck has to get better soon!

And btw, we have our internet access back. The problem was our cable, and a guy from Time-Warner came to our house, put in a new cable, and was overall very helpful.

I hope you and Zen have a reasonably good night.

Think about how much you would eat for a third that much of your short acting (25/3, about 8 units), and use that as a guess for roughly how much you'll need to eat tonight. If it was me, I'd try to eat half that (4 units worth) before bed, and set an alarm for four hours.
If you don't think you're able to eat that much, a mini glucagon shot is an option- sort of. If you had to fast for the endoscopy and on top of that haven't eaten at all since then, your liver might not have all that much to put out (I always take less lantus before an endoscopy) so the glucagon may not do as much.

A joke... why are diabetics immune from vampire attacks?

Oh man Lots!!! When I read that "I just woke up and it was 740" for a nano second I thought you were talking about your bg!!! Freak out!
Yes...will have to test frequently....and eat!! But I would set my alarm clock, because chances are you'll fall asleep.
Hugs sweetie....always something eh?

Yikes! I was barely sedated for my endoscopy (as you know) last week and they told me I had to have someone stay with me for the next 24 hours. I live alone, so ended up going to my parents' place for the night. I'm surprised they didn't tell you the same. Sounds like it was the sedation. I would probably test every hour or so, maybe two if you aren't running too low, and keep lots of juice or other high-carb drinks on hand since you can't eat easily. I'd be watching my blood sugar for the next few days (I heard Lantus can take a few days to "wear off" sometimes).

I know what you mean about being sick of doctors, I've felt like that in the past when I have had multiple "things" (as I call them) going on.

Don't really have much advice that hasn't been mentioned already - setting alarms, eating without a bolus, and testing often. You could also check in with the chat room now & then. Haven't actually done it myself, but chatting with folks while you're staying up part of then night sounds more fun than just sitting up and worrying. There's always late-night TV.....

That's a tough situation and I have very limited (like 2 days...) experience with Levemir. If I had extra insulin for a long time, I'd probably try to get some junk food and start eating but it's easy to get carried away with that so it's probably a horrible idea. I guess you need more food, maybe calculate the extra insulin, xU/hours x 20 or so hours= xU of insulin for Y# of carbs so eat the Y.

Sorry for this on top of everything else. Enough is really enough. Glad you're doing ok & have your sweet son to help. Know that disorienting feeling of day/night. Been there. Yea, I'd take your morning 6 AM shot as usual.

I thought I'd taken Apidra instead Levemir before bed. That's a heart stopping ooops. Downed glucose, went over 300 in preparation for a plummet that didn't happen. Spent the rest of the night trying to tame the high while kicking myself.

Kind of you to remember, Judith. I can't remember what I ate for lunch, but can recall all the stupid things I've done & continue to do.

Yikes Lots, what a wild story! I would definitely salute a 145! It sounds like you have a plan in place but maybe you should just eat the rest of the pizza and ice cream....

My most common mistake is falling asleep at night and forgetting to take my Levemir. Of course this just means that I awake high in the morning, but of course I often am high anyway. And if I am high, does that confirm that I actually forgot? So there I sit, groggy in the morning, all confused asking myself a really stupid question. How could I possibly forget whether I forgot my insulin? I hate getting old.

Hey Lots a joke got no advice b/c I never took that insulin. anyway how are u doing? any was 2 men walked in a bar......... u know the rest lol!

I also thought it was BG and I couldn't imagine why she wasn't freaking out more from it!

(And I just remembered that meters only go to 600, anyway...oops!)