I could not find glucose tablets anywhere..!

Hi friends. I want to ask you a question. You know I'm living in İstanbul, Turkey. Sometimes I'm having problems with the shopping. I mean, diabetes product. for example a few days ago I could not find glucose tablets anywhere. So I get my needs from the diabetes shopping site so what do you suggest about this issue? ( about a good shopping site)

I actually use candies which are sold in the US as "Smarties" or "Sweet Tarts." They contain the same ingredient as glucose tabs (dextrose, also called glucose) and they are available in bulk at low cost.

Which reminds me, I bought a huge bag of valentine sweet tarts last year right after valentine's day. It was almost free and lasted me all year. Valentines day is coming up, time to stock up.

Online shopping is pretty good. I get a lot of things like that through Amazon because the prices are generally the best. Also, Dlife's store (http://store.dlife.com/) is pretty good too. But instead of glucose tabs, you can also use jelly beans or smarties. I love the Jelly Bellies - 1g carb for each little bean and they taste WAY better than Glucotabs :-)

I am with MBP, I love those Jelly Bellies. I hate glucose tabs. I know that there are lots of sugar candies in Istanbul that can be used to treat hypos--I traveled for a month in Turkey and I never had a problem finding hard candies that worked for lows. The trick is finding how many grams of carb are in each candy, so you can correctly calculate your carb/candy requirement for a hypo.

A great online site for glucose tablets is Diabetic Promotions, they have a large variety of Dex4 tablets including the 1gm Bits.


Any candy that's pretty much pure glucose works fine, is cheaper & more portable than glucose tabs. I use jelly beans, but gummy bears & anything like that is very effective because they dissolve quickly. If you can get Lifesavers in Istanbul, they're great for lows.

Must be so expensive to have supplies sent to Turkey. I order from American Diabetes Wholesale, but they don't ship overseas. Great prices & service.

I have used packages of sugar , which on my travels in Europe have been available at restaurants ...I store them in my bag , just in case . Honey (at home)will work .
PS And how I recall Kusadasi :)