I don't like this topic

Its so boring, but I need to refresh on how to talk about PBMs.
It’s the worst topic of conversation.
It never makes sense to anyone.

My strategy might be to accumulate a list of resources (some of which I found ages ago) and just review them as much as possible.

Maybe if I make a list here, I will actually DO it and find some new resources. So far, this is what I have. I’m gonna try to find some stuff that’s kinda fun.

Dr. Vincent Rajkumar: Why are prescription drugs so expensive and what can we do?

Hehehehe, you can hear my low blood sugar Dexcom alarms going off during his talk. They had great audio!

S. Vincent Rajkumar, MD

Vincent Rajkumar: from Madras to Minnesota for myeloma




I’m also supposed to find a personal story to relay. That’s tough because what type of day to day experience does ANYONE have with PBMs?

So far, all I have is that healthcare is soaking out a solid quarter of the U.S. GDP. That’s unacceptable. If medical costs are $20,000 per year, and I make $40,000 as an EMT, then medical cost are 50% of my salary. That’s min wage for a State employee here. So, my whole life is spent in an effort to get that proportion of income spent on medical costs down to as small of an amount as possible. If I make $80,000, medical cost are still 25% of my income. That’s rent. That’s a mortgage. As a diabetic, instead of buying stable housing, I buy nothing with that money.

I get stuck here.

When I talk to the old guys at work, they can’t retire because they have the same problem. It begs the question, “Am I, as a diabetic, any different than anybody else?” I don’t know the answer to that.