I don't need Lantus anymore? What?

Ok, now THIS is weird…

A little background on what has been happening with me…
I had a bad sinus thingy - I had three courses of different antibiotics trying to get rid of it…

Last course from my ENT was 2 weeks and 3 days of steroids(ugh)

Anyhow… two weeks in and most was finally gone but I got super nausea from swallowing all that drip for so long I started vomiting the food I ate and my pills. I go to ER for 2 fluid bags I was so dehydrated… So they put me on that BRAT diet …I still had nausea and trying to keep things down for a few days after… I go follow up with my ENT and I still have lots of spit, feeling tight in throat etc - he thinks I have GERD so I get prevacid to take for one month.

A few days before I start the prevacid and after I was in the ER, I have three morning of lows - not fun when you are already weak from ER visit.

So i lessened my 7 unit of Lantus to 6 and than 5… I don’t normally test before I go to bed and take my insulin so I started doing that - lower numbers like low 100s which isn’t normal. So next day I able to eat more day by day (because of the prevacid) and I have a 147 so I think well, I am going to skip the insulin tonight and see… No low… Same thing with next day and day … I have had some 101s and I ate something carby (english muffin) purposely right before I went to bed… I still wake up with a lower number 78 but not a low…

So I am confused why did everything change?? And I am eating a lot more than I normally do because those lows are horrible especially if I have to work!!!

The only other thing I am doing different besides the 2 month sinus torture I went through… is that I started a BC pill prescribed by my OB for cramps??

Could the BC pill have anything to do with this??

I need to message my endo and see what she thinks but I going by the rule now that I am only taking the insulin as needed… I am not sure if that is good to do but I don’t want those lows either…

Any thoughts? I am relatively new Lantus user too - just started in Feb of this year.

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It may just be that you still make some insulin and being sick like that, not eating and not needing insulin as much. So your body may have stored some up. I would just manage things day by day until you get back to normal health and then see how things go.

It could have been the infection & inflammation that was causing the insulin resistance & need for Lantus. I’m a T1D and last year my A1c went from 6.7 to 7.6 with in a few months (Aug-Dec). It was all from a latent dental infection I had no idea was even there. Had the ‘toxic tooth’ pulled Feb this year & by June my A1c was back down to 6.7.

I really hope your doctor will let you keep your current plan, because you are right about lows being nasty!

If the antibiotics succesfully cleared your sinus infection, you will indeed see a much lessened insulin need. Systemic infections are a huge factor in raising insulin needs.

When I had Lyme disease (at that point undiagnosed) my insulin needs went up at first 50% then 100% over normal. The I got it diagnosed, and then just 3 days after starting antibiotics - wowza! Everything got better and my insulin needs reset back to their old usual values.

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